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iPad mini 6 hands-on map exposure: 8.6-inch full screen, no increase in volume-Apple iPad

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In the early morning of September 15th, Beijing time, Apple will hold a new product launch conference. Judging from the current news, the iPad mini 6 and iPad 9 may be absent. Instead, they will be launched in late September or October. However, the so-called iPad mini 6 hands-on picture appeared on the Internet, and the changes revealed are very big.includeThe back camera adds LED flash, right-angle frame design, dual speakers, side fingerprint power button, etc.


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Apple Online Store (China)

The front rendering and the configuration list revealed by Yixie, the iPad mini 6 uses an 8.6-inch full screen, A14 processor, replaces the USB-C interface, supports Smart Connector, the second-generation Apple stylus, etc., the color is optional space gray, Silver, rose gold, green and blue, etc.

In terms of price,The starting price of 64GB Wi-Fi is still US$399, which is the same as the cash. The Bank of China is expected to be 2921 yuan, and it will be available in November.

Obviously, without increasing the price, the competitiveness of iPad mini 6 is much higher than that of the current model. Simply speaking of the large screen and higher appearance, people are worth waiting for.


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