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iPhone 13 mini is out of print!Exposing that Apple will cut off mini models: iPhone 14 continues to cut prices

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Last year, Apple brought to everyone the small-screen flagship iPhone 12 mini that many users have been waiting for. However, due to the fact that the battery life is really stretched, it is difficult to meet the basic day of use, and it was finally applauded, becoming the most unsuccessful machine in the iPhone 12 series. type.

With last year’s experience,Apple has brought a huge battery life upgrade to the iPhone 13 mini this year, and even its nominal streaming video playback can be as long as 13 hours, which is actually stronger than the iPhone 12 Pro Max (12 hours), which will also solve this small-screen flagship The biggest pain point.

However, Apple seems to have cut off the next generation of mini models due to poor performance and other reasons.According to the latest news, there are only three models in the iPhone 14 series next year, and only three large-screen versions of 6.7 inches and 6.1 inches are retained. The entry model becomes the iPhone 14, and the mini model will be completely withdrawn from the market.

As a result, the iPhone 13 mini will become the flagship of the small screen, and also the only flagship choice for small screen enthusiasts.

It’s worth mentioning that because the mini model was cut,It is reported that the starting price of iPhone 14 as an entry-level model will drop again.In order to consolidate more markets, its final starting price may be less than 5999 yuan to buy at least 128GB version, which is also good news.

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It should be noted that although Apple has equipped the iPhone 13 Pro series with a high-swipe screen this year, but due to cost and other aspects, the entry-level iPhone 14 model next year is likely to still miss the high-swipe screen. The flagship of 2022 is destined to be a huge flaw.


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