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iPhone 14 mass production is imminent, Foxconn reappears 10,000 yuan rebates to recruit people – yqqlm

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iPhone 14 mass production is imminent, Foxconn reappears 10,000 yuan rebates to recruit people – yqqlm

Our reporter Li Yuyang and Li Zhenghao reported from Shanghai

The mass production of a new generation of iPhone is imminent, and Foxconn, a major Apple mobile phone foundry, has entered the time of recruitment for 10,000 yuan.

A few days ago, Foxconn’s iDPBG business unit, which is responsible for Apple’s iPhone assembly, announced that the peak production period this year has been advanced. Since July 17, the Zhengzhou plant will pay a maximum of 10,000 yuan for repaid workers and a maximum of 28 yuan per hour for hourly workers. . At the same time, the Shenzhen factory of Foxconn’s iDPBG business group is still recruiting workers, with a bonus of 5,280 yuan per person.

In the arena of iPhone foundry, there is a saying that “there is Zhengzhou Foxconn in the north and Shanghai Pegatron in the south”, which also shows the status of Shanghai Pegatron as the second largest iPhone foundry in China. Recently, a reporter from “China Business News” learned from a number of labor intermediaries called Shanghai Pegatron’s recruiting agency that at present, the factory has no repayment model for recruiting workers, only an hourly labor model, and the price is 26 yuan/hour. “It’s not yet time for the big move, and it may rise after August.” said a labor agency.

The meaning behind this statement is that, according to the operations of previous years, Pegatron released a large number of recruitment plans in August, which is the stage of sprinting for the mass production of the new iPhone. A research report from Cinda International also pointed out that Apple’s iPhone 14 series has started trial production and is planned to be mass-produced in August. Apple has informed suppliers that the initial sales after listing are expected to be higher than the iPhone 13 series.

Foxconn responded that it “does not comment on customer and product-related information” in response to issues such as 10,000 yuan recruitment and a new generation of iPhone production plans. Sun Yanbiao, chairman of Chaodian Think Tank, said: “The mobile phone industry is in an ice age, but the high-end market of more than 800 US dollars has not decreased but increased. First, the longer replacement cycle of mobile phones has strengthened consumers’ willingness to buy high-end mobile phones, making The iPhone purchase cycle has been lengthened; the second is that the domestic Android camp’s mobile phone manufacturers have been deeply involved, resulting in a decline in the market competitiveness of this camp, and the pressure on Apple has decreased.”

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  Started in August

According to a tweet recently released by the WeChat public account “Foxconn iDPBG Zhengzhou Recruitment”, “This year’s peak has been advanced, and the return fee is as high as 10,000 yuan”. Since the interview on July 17, new employees who have valid attendance for 55 days and have been on the job for 90 days, There are different bonuses according to different positions, and the bonus for key positions in the manufacturing department is 9,000~9,500 yuan per person, and a maximum of 10,000 yuan can be repaid. The main body of the registered account of the WeChat public account is Hongfujin Precision Electronics (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd., and the rebate standard of over 10,000 yuan will not be reached until July 24 last summer.

It is worth noting that just one week before the above recruitment notice was released, the maximum rebate that new employees who interviewed the iDPBG business group Zhengzhou plant from July 10 was only 7,000 yuan. This means that in just one week, Zhengzhou Foxconn increased the entry fee by 3,000 yuan.

The so-called “rebate” means that as long as the on-the-job and punch-in requirements are met, in addition to the normal salary, the applicant can also receive the corresponding bonus. It is reported that the Zhengzhou factory is Foxconn’s largest production base for Apple’s iPhones, and about half of the world‘s Apple phones come from here every year.

According to previous reports, the Apple iPhone 14 series (tentatively named) released this fall will still provide 4 models, but the mini version will be replaced by a 6.7-inch large-screen iPhone 14 Max, while the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max has more hardware upgrades, especially in terms of lens specifications, and the optical performance has been significantly upgraded.

The reporter has previously learned that Shanghai Pegatron often can only get assembly orders for the new iPhones compared to mid-to-low-end models, and some orders come from older models. In fact, Shanghai Pegatron belongs to Pegatron, the world‘s second largest electronics foundry company, and Pegatron’s iPhone production share is second only to Hon Hai Foxconn. According to Pegatron’s monthly operating performance data, due to Apple’s March 2022 launch of new products such as the 5G-enabled iPhone SE 2022, Pegatron’s March sales were 40% higher than the same month last year.

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“We are now recruiting about 10 people every day, and we will start big recruiting in August.” A Pegatron labor agency said that although he did not know how much the rebate and hourly labor prices would be in August, there is a high probability that they will rise. Some workers who used to work at Pegatron also said that they should not rush to apply for jobs now, and wait until the return fee is 10,000 yuan, otherwise they will regret it.

In response to the news that the iPhone 14 series could not be released as scheduled due to supply chain issues, well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently wrote, “Recently, some iPhone 14 panel and memory suppliers have experienced supply problems, but this should be a major factor in the upcoming mass production of the iPhone 14. The impact is limited as other suppliers can fill the supply gap.”

It is reported that the iPhone 14 series of mobile phones will be released on September 13, and the mass production of the new phones will start in August, which will put a lot of pressure on the production capacity of the iPhone 14 series. However, there is also news that if Foxconn can start work normally, the production capacity of the iPhone 14 series will not be a problem.

  Why iPhone demand is strong

Now that Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory has opened a 10,000-yuan recruitment in advance, the production capacity pressure of the iPhone 14 series should not be too great.

Ming-Chi Kuo also said before that, according to the results of the survey of dealers and retailers, consumers in the Chinese market may have stronger demand for the iPhone 14 series than the iPhone 13. Xiangcai Securities also believes that since there are still more than 700 million potential replacement users for the iPhone, sales of the new iPhone are expected to continue to grow slightly.

However, from the perspective of the entire smartphone market, due to the sharp drop in demand and the gradual rationalization of the supply chain, major mobile phone manufacturers are revising down expectations, adjusting orders and clearing inventory. In terms of data, according to the domestic mobile phone market shipments in June and the first six months of 2022 released by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, the domestic smartphone shipments in the first half of this year were 134 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 21.7%.

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Affected by lower-than-expected demand, Samsung smartphone dealers have nearly 50 million smartphone inventories, according to South Korean media reports. In an interview with the media, Honor CEO Zhao Ming said that it only took one or two months for chips to go from supply shortage to inventory backlog, and said that under the existing general trend, all mobile phone brands and manufacturers are under pressure.

In addition, compared with last year’s “lack of cores”, this year’s round of “order cuts” are being staged in the smartphone industry. According to previous reports by Caijing, a number of people in the supply chain of mobile phones such as chips, cameras, and panels have confirmed the news of the order cut. The new winter has swept the entire mobile phone upstream and downstream industry chain. The major domestic Android mobile phone brands have the largest number of orders cut in 2022. 20% of the annual shipment plan.

Since July, the supply chain has received notifications from Samsung one after another, and the originally scheduled time to stop purchasing has been extended from the end of July to the end of August. Light and other supply chain manufacturers have raised the alarm.

Sun Yanbiao said that although the entire mobile phone industry is in an ice age, the market for high-end mobile phones over $800 has not been affected, but has increased slightly.

“The iPhone’s market share during the ice age of mobile phones did not decrease, but increased. In May, the market share was 19.25%, an increase of 4% year-on-year.” Sun Yanbiao believes that first, due to the prolonged replacement cycle, the smartphone that has become a daily necessity In other words, consumers are more willing to buy good mobile phones, which promotes the hot sales of iPhone; second, domestic Android mobile phone manufacturers have formed inventory in the first quarter, and the strong involution is actually a manifestation of a decline in competitiveness, which reduces the Due to the competitive pressure of the iPhone, Apple will raise its initial sales forecast for the iPhone 14 series.

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