Home Business iPhone 14 Pro was exposed to restart when charging, single card slot, and paint peeling on the back shell; Wahaha: did not participate in the production and sales activities of “Wamao” liquor丨Big company news

iPhone 14 Pro was exposed to restart when charging, single card slot, and paint peeling on the back shell; Wahaha: did not participate in the production and sales activities of “Wamao” liquor丨Big company news

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iPhone 14 Pro was exposed to restart when charging, single card slot, and paint peeling on the back shell; Wahaha: did not participate in the production and sales activities of “Wamao” liquor丨Big company news

Technology Circle】

Luo Yonghao steps down as legal representative of Hammer Technology Group

According to the company’s information, on September 27, Chengdu Hammer Technology Group Co., Ltd. underwent an industrial and commercial change. Luo Yonghao stepped down as executive director, general manager, and legal representative, and was replaced by Guan Zhiliang. Shareholder information shows that Luo Yonghao still holds 50% of the company’s equity and is the company’s actual controller. (Zhengguan News)

iPhone 14 Pro has been exposed to restart when charging, single card slot, paint peeling on the back shell

According to Kuai Technology, some users reported that their iPhone 14 Pro would intermittently restart without warning when charging via MagSafe or Lightning. At present, Apple has not officially responded to the issue. According to IT House news, a large number of users said that they received the Apple iPhone 14 Pro/Max National Bank Bug card slot version: only a single SIM card can be used. In addition, many netizens reported that the rear shell of the purple version of the iPhone 14 Pro will peel off the paint.

【the Internet】

iQIYI’s account-sharing model has been upgraded: adding new members to pull new accounts, canceling platform grading, and transparent data on seven terminals

From October 1st, iQIYI will officially apply the new account-sharing cooperation model in the fields of dramas, animation, children, and documentaries. The new model will be based on the original members’ viewing time split, and new members will be added to the account. At the same time, the platform’s prediction and rating of content will be cancelled, and the member viewing and income data of seven terminals of mobile phone, TV, computer, tablet, smart home, Internet of Vehicles, and virtual reality (VR) will be shared with the film party, so that they can understand where the content is. The consumption performance of each terminal on the iQIYI platform. (China-Singapore latitude and longitude)

Ctrip Car Rental connects to Tencent Travel Service to provide domestic one-stop car rental services

Ctrip Car Rental and Tencent Travel Service officially reached a cooperation, and Ctrip Car Rental officially entered Tencent Travel Service, providing one-stop online domestic car rental service for users of Tencent Travel Service. (36 krypton)

Twitter: Musk’s data scientists don’t agree with allegations of fake accounts

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s own data scientists don’t believe the number of fake accounts on Twitter is, as Musk said, “higher than the company’s estimates, Twitter said this week, according to reports. out a lot.” Currently, both parties are preparing for the upcoming court hearing in October. (Sina Technology)

【Car circle】

He Xiaopeng responded to “resigning as chairman of Xiaopeng Huitian”: it can speed up work efficiency

On the evening of September 28, He Xiaopeng issued a document on the matter of “resigning as chairman of Xiaopeng Huitian”, saying that Xiaopeng Huitian is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the group company HT Flying Car, and he can be the chairman of HT Flying Car himself. This can speed up work efficiency.

BYD: Launching a number of new energy models for the European market this fall

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BYD said in a survey on September 28 that the company announced that it will launch a number of new energy models for the European market this fall to meet the diverse needs of local European consumers. Models include BYD Tang, Han and Yuan PLUS (locally named BYD ATTO3), and will debut at the Paris Motor Show in October this year. At present, the company has reached strategic cooperation with many leading passenger car dealers in Europe. (financial)

Toyota will launch models in cooperation with BYD

Recently, it was reported that Toyota plans to start production and sales of a small electric sedan equipped with BYD blade batteries by the end of the year, which is part of the continuous cooperation between Toyota and BYD. It is reported that the bZ3 sedan jointly developed by Toyota and BYD currently only for the Chinese market will be the second model of its newly launched Beyond Zero (bZ) pure electric vehicle series, and the estimated price may be around 200,000 yuan.

FAW-Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz respond to car pop-up advertisements

In response to the FAW-Volkswagen car navigation pop-up window, the relevant person in charge of FAW-Volkswagen said that the car-machine news push is a caring behavior of FAW-Volkswagen for car owners, not a pop-up window advertisement. FAW-Volkswagen has immediately stopped the car-machine pop-up window prompts. As for the advertisements pushed by Mercedes-Benz vehicles, Mercedes-Benz car customer service responded that the pop-up advertisements must not be popped up by the Mercedes-Benz vehicle system itself, but may have popped up with the help of third-party software. (China-Singapore Finance, China-Singapore Jingwei)

Leap Motor’s Hong Kong IPO price is set at HK$48 per share

The final offer price of Leap Motor’s IPO in Hong Kong was set at HK$48.00 per share. About 40% of the funds raised by Leapao Technology in this IPO are used for research and development, about 25% are used for improving production capacity, about 25% are used for business expansion and brand awareness, and about 10% are used for working capital and general corporate purposes. (Sina Technology)

Nezha will enter the Israeli market

On September 28, Nezha Auto announced on its official Weibo account that it has officially entered the Israeli market recently and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Blilious Group, a leading Israeli dealer group. Nezha U and Nezha V models will enter the Middle East market for the first time.

Lixiang Auto: Lili L8 conference will be held on September 30

Li Auto announced on September 28 that a new generation Li Li ONE Li Li L8 conference will be held at 15:00 on September 30.

【Big consumption】

Wahaha: did not participate in the production and sales activities of “Wamao” liquor

On September 28, Wahaha issued a statement on its official website saying that recently, the company found that some companies used the name of “Wahaha” to promote the “Wamao” sauce-flavored liquor. Wahaha said that it did not participate in any activities such as the production, sales, and promotion of “Wamao” liquor, nor did it provide the product with any authorization such as the brand and company name. The company has issued a lawyer’s letter to the relevant parties, requesting them to immediately stop improper publicity, and reserves the right to pursue their legal responsibility.

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“The world‘s largest single duty-free shop” cdf Haikou International Duty Free City will open on October 28 this year

According to the official website of China Tourism Group, “the world‘s largest single duty-free shop” cdf Haikou International Duty Free City will open on October 28 this year.

【new energy】

Ningde Times: It is planned to invest no more than 14 billion yuan in the construction of a new energy battery production base in Luoyang

On September 28, Ningde Times announced that the company plans to invest in the construction of a Luoyang new energy battery production base project in Yibin District, Luoyang City, Henan Province, with a total investment of no more than RMB 14 billion. The construction content is the production line of new energy power battery system and energy storage system.

Ningde era MTB heavy truck battery replacement provides two battery life options

It is learned from people familiar with the matter that in the newly released MTB heavy-duty truck power exchange scheme of CATL, the power exchange cabinet used is a back-type design, and the power exchange cabinet can be flexibly configured with two battery packs of different power levels, so there are There are two power exchange cabinets that support different cruising ranges to choose from. (surging)

Ganfeng Lithium Industry: Plans to build a new lithium battery production and manufacturing base with an annual output of 30GWh

On September 28, Ganfeng Lithium announced that it and the Yichun Municipal People’s Government recently signed a “Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement” to jointly build a whole industry chain system from lithium resource development to lithium battery materials, new lithium batteries, and battery applications. According to the agreement, Ganfeng Lithium will build a new lithium battery production and manufacturing base with an annual output of 30GWh in Yichun Economic and Technological Development Zone; build a lithium metal project with an annual output of 7,000 tons; build a battery-grade lithium project with an annual output of 50,000 tons in Fengxin County A comprehensive utilization project of salt and lithium ore mining and dressing; a lithium hydroxide project with an annual output of 50,000 tons was put into operation in Fengcheng.

Mitsubishi considers building a 10 million-ton annual ammonia production plant in the U.S.

According to foreign media reports, Japan’s Mitsubishi is considering setting up a fuel ammonia production base in Texas, USA. It is expected that the production base will be put into operation in the first half of 2030, with an annual production capacity of 10 million tons, and is expected to become one of the largest manufacturing bases in the world. (China-Singapore latitude and longitude)

CGN New Energy Liaoning Company and Huawei Digital Energy signed a deepening cooperation agreement

According to the “Huawei Digital Energy” WeChat public account, on September 28, the Liaoning Branch of China General Nuclear Power New Energy Investment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd. signed a deepening cooperation agreement. The two parties will implement and deepen the strategic partnership to facilitate the low-carbon transformation of energy in Liaoning Province.

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【Financial Street】

Western Securities applies to restrict consumption of Jia Yueting

The Qichacha APP shows that recently, Jia Yueting was taken by Xi’an Railway Transportation Intermediate Court to restrict high consumption by the Xi’an Railway Transportation Intermediate Court for failing to perform the payment obligations determined by the effective legal documents within the period specified in the enforcement notice. The applicant is Western Securities Co., Ltd., and the related case involves Securities Disputes.

【Medical Circle】

Joining hands with Sinopharm, Merck is considering producing and supplying oral medicines for COVID-19 in China

On September 28, Merck announced that it would grant Sinopharm the domestic distribution rights and exclusive import rights of the anti-new coronavirus oral drug molnupiravir jointly developed by it and Ridgeback Company. At the same time, both parties will evaluate the feasibility of technology transfer. in order to manufacture, supply and commercialize the drug within China. However, Monoravir still needs to wait for approval in China.

Pfizer expects to complete acquisition of biopharmaceutical company Biohaven on October 3

On September 27, local time, Biohaven, a biopharmaceutical company developing migraine drug NURTEC, said that the previously announced transaction of Pfizer’s acquisition of Biohaven is expected to be completed on October 3, 2022. Biohaven’s medical business for ALS and OCD was spun off into the new Biohaven, which is also expected to close on October 3. (interface)

【Real Estate Industry】

CIFI Holdings: The trustee as the project shareholder requires early liquidation and is actively communicating solutions

According to market news on September 27, the trusts involved in projects under the CIFI Holdings Group failed to make payments on schedule. It was learned from people familiar with the matter that the trust payment referred to in the news was actually a request for early liquidation by the trust party as the project shareholder when the sales were lower than expected. At present, CIFI and the trust are still negotiating. CIFI Holdings Group responded that the company is currently actively communicating with financial institutions to seek solutions. (The Paper)

Vanke’s Wanke Cloud officially announced the IPO pricing, with a market value of 57.6 billion ranking second among Hong Kong-listed property companies

On September 28, Vanke Group’s property segment, Wanke Cloud, announced its global offering price and offering results. The IPO price was HK$49.35 per share, and trading will begin on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange at 9:00 on September 29. If the global offering is carried out at the final offering price, its market value will reach HK$57.598 billion, which is not as good as the previous market valuation of 100 billion. Despite this, Wanwanyun still sits on the second throne of Hong Kong stock properties.

【Aviation Industry】

Cathay Pacific reportedly in talks to buy cargo planes from Boeing, Airbus

Cathay Pacific is looking to update and replace some of its freighters and is currently in talks with Airbus and Boeing about purchases, according to people familiar with the matter. (interface)

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