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iPhone15 Ultra exposed: A17+ dual front camera, and replaced with charging C port_Series_Mobile Phone

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iPhone15 Ultra exposed: A17+ dual front camera, and replaced with charging C port_Series_Mobile Phone

Since the gap between the “contemporaries” of the iPhone 13 series and the iPhone 14 series has gradually widened, this has also changed the choices of many users. If the standard version was used before, then the Pro version may prevail at this stage.

But unexpectedly,As the news of the iPhone 15 series gradually came out in the market, it began to be found that the gap would further widen, and even the Pro version could not experience the complete experience.

For the future fruit fans, the gap in the use level may become more and more obvious, not to mention that there is news that the naming of the new machine will also change, so let’s see what changes will be made to the iPhone 15 series.

From the data that broke the news, the naming method of the iPhone 15 series will change, that is, iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra, that is, the naming method of Pro Max will be cancelled.

The point is that the difference between products is very large, such asThere are leaked data showing that the standard version and the Plus version will continue to use the 60Hz state, but will use a hole-digging screen design to support the Smart Island function.

The point isThe difference between the Pro version and the Ultra version will be very large, and the same configuration will not be used all the time, and then the difference of the product itself will be adjusted by the screen size.

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Therefore, this reform may have very key changes, which is also what many users are looking forward to.

According to the leaked data,The improvement of the iPhone15 Ultra is very large, such as the blessing of the front dual-camera lens, that is, it is equipped with 2 front-facing cameras in the hole-digging screen design.This also means that the imaging quality of the product itself will be greatly improved.

You must know that when the iPhone 14 series was launched, the front lens of Apple’s mobile phone has undergone obvious changes. In this case, it will naturally achieve a great improvement, and even hopefully bring more gameplay.

Moreover, in addition to these improvements,The new machine will start with 256GB storage, that is, cancel the 128GB version,This is also a strategy to further widen the gap with the Pro version.

besides,There is no suspense about the processor of the mobile phone, that is, it is equipped with an A17 processor. It is estimated that the processor will use the same strategy as the iPhone 14 series, using a mix of 4nm A16 processors and 3nm A17 processors.

It should be understood that the process of the A17 processor has been improved, which also means that the hardware parameters of the new machine will be significantly improved, and it is estimated that it will once again become the leader in the performance field of the mobile terminal.

In addition, the iOS system has gradually become stable. It is estimated that after iOS17, there should be many surprises, so naturally there is a good expectation.

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As for the issue of the charging port, the USB-C port should be unavoidable, because the European Parliament has previously announced relevant regulations. From 2024, all manufacturers of electronic equipment such as mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras and wireless headphones sold in the EU The charging interface should be unified as Type-C.

Combined with Apple’s notebook tablet and other product lines have already been equipped with Type-C interface, then includingThe Lightning interface used by Apple’s mobile phones will also be replaced by Type-C.

This may mean that the charging speed of Apple’s mobile phone will be significantly improved, and there is even hope that it will reach a speed of 45W or higher, and the user experience will definitely become excellent by then.

Although the iPhone 15 series is still a long time away from the release date, there have been many related news, and the above exposed news is not surprising to users who pay attention to Apple.

On the one hand, the degree of castration of the iPhone itself on the product itself in recent years is indeed very large, not only in terms of hardware is very different, but also in terms of software classification is also very serious.

On the other hand, many new configurations and functions may be exclusive to the top-end iPhone, so it is not surprising when it comes to the iPhone 15 Ultra.

In short,If you want to experience perfect functions in the market next year, it is estimated that you can only choose the iPhone 15 Ultra.

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