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Is the industry in a downward trend?

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Is the industry in a downward trend?

Federal funding for exactly this product group could expire at the end of February. So far, the responsible ministry has not commented on this upon request. And even if the funding does not continue, it remains to be seen whether price is the deciding factor for the target group. Peschke sees the comparatively high prices for cargo bikes as an inhibiting factor. In general, cargo bikes are a market segment that is “only important in really big cities” with a bicycle infrastructure. “In the vast majority of regions in Germany, this is an absolute niche product and only moderately interesting in terms of sales,” says Peschke.

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The Babboe case does not yet appear to have any direct consequences for the local industry. It is still unclear whether other authorities in the EU will follow the Dutch decision. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has announced that it will inform its partners about the EU rapid alert system Safety Gate. As the Federal Ministry of Labor and the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health agreed upon request, there is currently no information about the ordered product recall in the neighboring country – neither at the Safety Gate nor at the Safety Business Alert Gateway.

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