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Israel’s counter-retaliation in Iranian territory

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Israel’s counter-retaliation in Iranian territory

“The Israeli attack is a counter-retaliation because it comes in response to the attack carried out by Iran on Israeli territory on the night of April 13,” says Riccardo Alcaro, head of the IAI’s Global Actors program. “In turn, the Iranian attack was carried out in retaliation for Israel’s bombing of the Iranian consulate in Damascus.”

“As regards the Israeli attack on April 18, it appears to have been a very limited attack, carried out with drones that started within Iranian territory itself, and therefore operated by anti-regime fifth columns linked to Iranian intelligence. Another hypothesis is that the drones started from areas immediately close to the borders of Iran, such as Azerbaijan” continues Alcaro. “The attack caused no casualties or significant damage. If this is the full extent of the Israeli counter-retaliation and its modest identity it indicates that the pressure from the United States – but also from Europeans and Arab countries – to contain the escalation has had a certain effect on the Israeli government.”

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