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Istat, +35 thousand employed in October. But only men grow up

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MILANO  – Employment grows in October, however, driven only by men. This is what theState in the data released today on the labor market. In October 2021 the employed were 22 million 985 thousand with an increase of 35 thousand units in September and of 390 thousand units in October 2020. A growth, however, that is exclusively due to men (+ 36 thousand) while the female figure remains substantially stable. On a trend basis, growth mainly concerns men with 271,000 more employees (+ 118,000 women).

Italy, industry that is driving and consumption is recovering. But the work remains precarious

by Valentina Conte

The employment rate, that is the number of people who have a job out of the total reference population, is at 58.6%, up by 1.2% compared to October 2020. Compared to January 2021, the increase exceeds the 600 thousand employed and is due exclusively to the resumption of dependent work. Compared to the pre-pandemic levels (February 2020), the number of employees is almost 200 thousand lower.

The unemployment rate is also rising, ie the number of people looking for a job and not finding it out of the total workforce. The figure grows in October to 9.4% with a growth of 0.2 points on September and a decrease of 0.6 points on October 2020. The figure is linked to the drop in inactive numbers (-79 thousand on September and -425 thousand on a yearly). The number of job seekers in the month increased by 51 thousand while over the year they decreased by 139 thousand units. Employment grew by 35,000 in September. The unemployed reached 2 million 373 thousand units in October.


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