Home Business Istat: inflation at 7.9% in July. Findomestic: purchases down 5.9%

Istat: inflation at 7.9% in July. Findomestic: purchases down 5.9%

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Istat: inflation at 7.9% in July.  Findomestic: purchases down 5.9%

The inflation race does not stop in Italy, which in July grew by another 0.4% and reached 7.9% compared to the same month of the previous year. According to Istat, not even the slowdown in the prices of energy goods therefore fails to curb the long wave of inflationary tensions that are spreading to other product sectors. It also accelerates the growth of prices in the shopping cart, which reaches + 9.1%, registering an increase that has not been observed since September 1984.

Inflation, added to political instability, cascade generates a new decline in the purchase intentions of Italians, which according to the Findomestic Observatory fell by 5.9%, after the optimism of June (+ 11.8%) . In addition to fears about rising prices (48%) and a possible economic recession (41%), the country’s concern for political instability (25%) and anxiety about climate change (35%). Most Italians, say the Observatory experts, continue to feel the greatest increases for fuel and bills (84% and 79% respectively), plus a substantial part also finds them in the fresh and packaged food sector (73 and 68%), as well as in bars and pizzerias (61%). Purchase intentions are also down for homes (-31.5% for properties due to the recent rate hike by the ECB), as well as for renovations (-6.8%). In the technological sector in positive territory there is only the tablet / ebook segment (+ 4.4%), while telephony, PCs and cameras lost 3.2%, 6.2% and 2.9% respectively.

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