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“It will be a bank of relationships”. Cr Asti tells about the post-Biver

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“Between new technologies and the recent operations that have affected the group, we must maintain the ambition of always being the reference bank in the area. We must deserve the trust of the people ». Thus Carlo Demartini, general manager and managing director of the Cassa di Risparmio di Asti, regarding the recent merger by incorporation of Biverbanca into the Banca di Asti. A process concluded at the end of October which involved 600 employees of Biverbanca and over 1,000 of CrAsti, with 240 branches in Piedmont, Lombardy, Liguria, Valle d’Aosta and Veneto and around 80 branches.

Demartini spoke of the recent merger during the intermeeting organized at the Carisio Corner by the Santhià Lions Club in collaboration with the Vercelli and Valsesia Lions Clubs: «What role for regional banks today? The case of CrAsti – Biverbanca ».

«A regional bank – said Demartini – can have its own identity: it must not be just a cash desk, but we must try to be sensitive to the needs of the territories we serve. Our true nature is to have a relationship with the customer, and it is the logic behind the Biver operation: to be structurally solid, to have a robust heritage, efficiency and good asset quality ». Another objective that arises from the merger, «to be able to be the bank of the territory when a citizen needs to relate to someone. We have to be this type of company, to be a point of reference. The union just sanctioned is the union of two territorial realities, even if Biverbanca will remain Biverbanca we will keep the operations, the colors and the signs, because they are values ​​that are part of history. But we create a subject capable of providing services on the territory, both to companies and to families. A regional bank can make a big difference, because it is based on knowledge, personal relationships, values ​​to be built, maintained and defended. Technology? It is an important factor, to be used in a relational key ».

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Demartini then concluded: «There is humility of purpose. We trust a lot in our relationship skills. And we hope to be able to prove it: there is a lot of talk, at this moment, about the circular economy. We are a perfect example ». –

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