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Ita, agreement on the increase in employee pay: strike averted

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Ita, agreement on the increase in employee pay: strike averted

The board of directors of Ita Airways has approved the salary adjustment in favor of its employees, “a necessary step for the company to be able to seize the growth opportunities of the market”. This is what we read in a note from the company according to which «in the last year the air transport sector has returned to pre-Covid levels, with sudden and unpredictable growth trends even higher than in 2019. In the meantime, Ita Airways has now surpassed the start-up phase of its activities as a start-up characterized by the negative impacts of the pandemic and the Ukrainian conflict, which was followed by a marked increase in the cost of fuel. In this context, other full-service and regional airlines have also already implemented maneuvers to adjust wages and bring them back to pre-pandemic levels and in several cases exceeding them. The salary adjustment is a fundamental element in the implementation of Ita Airways’ growth plan which will adopt a coherent cost structure, managing to be attractive in an expanding market which is registering an increase in competitiveness in the various domestic, international and intercontinental sectors ».

«The salary maneuver – explains Ita – will be structural and will allow the Company to valorise trained personnel thanks to the company’s investments. In addition, it will thus be able to support a recruitment campaign in a highly competitive market”.

The agreement was essential to avoid the four-hour strike called by the unions for next February 28th.

In detail, the increase for pilots is 38% on minimum bills, while for flight attendants the increase reaches 23%. An upward adjustment of the per diem on international flights is also foreseen. For ground personnel, the increase should be around 15%.

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