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Italiana Coke, the project to control emissions is launched

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Italiana Coke: contract signed with a specialized company: by June 15th the installation of the chimney monitoring system prescribed by The Hague, which will be active from September. Meanwhile, new projects are also being considered: in the spring the diversification program of the activities will be presented which, also strengthened by the surplus of energy produced, will be directed towards new technological and environmental services, excluding waste-to-energy (incinerator).

Regarding the Hague regulations, the company confirmed: «The new monitoring and self-control cycles of emissions are already active, as well as the management and technical measures prescribed. The main investments required by the authorization concern a continuous emission monitoring system (EMS) from the chimney stacks of the batteries. Italiana Coke, in line with the timing, presented the system project to the authorities and obtained its approval with a provision from the Province on 15 December. Therefore, the 6 months for the installation of the system and the following 3 months for the activation of the monitoring run from this date. Italiana Coke has already issued a supply contract for this system with a specialized company and has started the first preparatory activities for the installation ». Again in order to comply with the requirements, “the design phase of the pavement is underway and will be built, by 1 September, in the area of ​​the Fossil Park 3”.

Will the entry of the new shareholder, the Monaco Resources group, which acquired 38.7% of the share capital from the Ascheri family, open a new phase? «The Monaco Resources group – they reply from the Italian Coke – has industrial activities similar to and complementary to ours: international trade in raw materials and production of industrial semi-finished products. The corporate participation stems from the evolution of a commercial collaboration already in place, in particular on the steel supply front, which Italiana Coke has only recently faced, but which is growing rapidly, not only as regards the Italian steel mills ” . In addition to this, however, there is “a path of potential diversification and increase in activities in the field of technological and environmental services to give oneself a long-term horizon, studying the possibilities of the circular economy (an economic system for reusing materials in subsequent production cycles) that do not involve waste-to-energy. In this sense, let us not forget the added value of the availability of low-cost energy, produced by the cogeneration plant (over 9 million kWh available every year), which with current energy prices constitutes a very strong competitive advantage for new industrial initiatives on site. Added to this are the requests received from top-level Italian partners, active in the renewables and circular economy chain also in Liguria and the PNRR which directs huge public resources to certain areas. However, these initiatives are still under study and do not constitute the basis for the recent operation with the Monaco Resource group, based on traditional business ». –

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