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Italians are excellent savers but knowledge is scarce

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MILAN (ITALPRESS) – Italians show interest in the world of finance and the economy (58.3%), however post-Covid concern remains. 69% of respondents believe that the country’s economic, financial and employment situation will be worse at the end of the health emergency. Nevertheless, the percentage of those who say they are worried about the national economic worsening (57.4%) drops, if we consider the repercussions on a personal or family level (27.8%). Compared to the influence of the PNRR on their economic situation, only 21.6% expect positive effects. 52% declare that they choose “do it yourself” in the management of savings, but fundamentally they lack adequate knowledge and sound financial advice and education. The house remains at the top of the wish list and the Italians confirmed themselves as a nation of savers, prudent and conservative, mainly leaving the money on current accounts for any unexpected events. These are some of the data that emerged from the Euromedia Research – Banca Mediolanum Report: “Italians: savings and investments” presented at the 8th edition of the Mediolanum Market Forum. Among other things, the report outlines the identikit of the profile of the Italian saver. Prudent, careful, cautious and thrifty, that’s how Italians describe themselves. 59.1% save up to 500 euros per month for the unexpected. 52% of the sample declared that they do not use any intermediary, while 39.2% invest in shares, funds or financial products, mainly as a form of protection for their own future and that of their children. “Knowledge and advice, this is the natural path to face the fear of Italians in the face of the economic crisis generated by the pandemic and the future that awaits us – says Massimo Doris, CEO of Banca Mediolanum. The uncertainty arises from the poor financial education that in the our country reaches a widespread significant dimension and little knowledge of basic tools, such as insurance protection or investment strategy with gradual and programmed entry into the markets. Minimum knowledge also of individual savings plans, a form of investment that can at the same time bring value to retail savers and channel part of the conspicuous private savings towards the national entrepreneurial fabric, in favor of our Small and Medium Enterprises, which are still the backbone of the country. The warning I receive from this report is to push the accelerator to favor a increased financial awareness of our savings customers actors and entrepreneurs, in a decisive moment for the future of the country “. “I am very satisfied with the research work carried out for Banca Mediolanum. We investigated savings, an issue – too often in the background – of great social importance and crucial for Italian families. Among other things, in a delicate period for our country – says Alessandra Ghisleri, Research Director of Euromedia Research. The heritage of Italians is an asset that must be defended and valued. I am happy if this research can contribute to this purpose “. In addition to Massimo Doris and Alessandra Ghisleri, Tommaso Corcos, managing director and general manager of Fideuram ISPB and president of Assogestioni, Francesco Mutti, managing director of Mutti SpA and president of CentroMarca, Alec Ross met at the 8th edition of the Mediolanum Market Forum. , author of the books “Il Nostro Futuro” and “The Furious Years 20” and director of innovation in the administration of Barack Obama, Nerio Alessandri, founder and president of Technogym, Stefano Volpato, commercial director of Banca Mediolanum, Walter Bertin, director CEO of Labomar SpA, Silvana Chilelli, CEO Eurizon Capital Real Asset SGR. (ITALPRESS). sat / com 27-May-21 13:34

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