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Italians satisfied but families’ economic situation worsens

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ROME (ITALPRESS) – Despite the difficult year, Italians are satisfied with their personal life but for 1 in 3 families the economic situation has worsened. This is what emerges from the Istat report “Citizens’ satisfaction with living conditions in 2020”. Even in the initial stages of the pandemic, a significant proportion of citizens continued to express a positive opinion on their personal life. In the first part of the year, the dimensions of health, family and friends relationships or free time, assessed in the previous 12 months, continued to satisfy and gratify high shares of the population. The judgment on the personal economic situation remained positive for the majority of people, but worsened among the self-employed. Signs of criticality emerge for the family economic situation: the share of families declaring a worsening compared to 2019 rises from 25.7% to 29.1%. 44.3% people who declare high satisfaction with their life . Compared to previous years, in general the growth in satisfaction concerned the employed, with the exception of self-employed workers. At the territorial level, the North has the highest share of those who declare a vote between 8 and 10 with respect to life satisfaction (48.3%), the Center an intermediate share (42.7%) and the South the smaller share (39.8%). In 2020, 89.7% of people aged 14 and over expressed a positive opinion. Only a residual share, 1.5%, judges this type of relationship not at all satisfactory. The initial impact of the pandemic does not affect health satisfaction. 81.6% of individuals aged 14 and over express a positive opinion on their state of health (very or fairly satisfied). Overall, satisfaction with this aspect of life decreases with increasing age and reaches its lowest in the class of 75 and over (56.9%). The majority of families consider their economic situation unchanged compared to the previous year (62.8%), however there is a decrease in the perception of stability (65.2% in 2019) and an increase in that of deterioration (29.1 % compared to 25.7% in 2019). The 2020 data shows that caution is still the prevailing attitude. When asked if you can trust most people or if you need to be very careful, 75.3% of people replied that “you have to be very careful” while 23.2% are oriented towards an attitude of trust. (ITALPRESS). ror / ads / red 26-May-21 16:09

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