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Italy-France-Spain common front against the black dot on wine

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Italy-France-Spain common front against the black dot on wine

Italy is not alone in the battle against the black mark on alcoholic beverages. In fact, our country will present in Brussels a joint document prepared together with France and Spain, two big names in wine production on the continent, which five other EU members – Portugal, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary – are reportedly ready to sign. This was announced yesterday by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, Francesco Lollobrigida, on the sidelines of the Council of EU Agriculture Ministers in Brussels. Italy, France and Spain alone account for 47% of all bottles of wine produced in the world, recalled Coldiretti, which applauds the joint initiative of the three countries.

Minister Lollobrigida yesterday also met his Irish counterpart, Charlie McConalogue, to whom he symbolically gave a bottle of made in Italy wine. «I was able to explain our reasons on what a correct information system should be – said Lollobrigida – what we are asking for is a label that does not specify that the wine damages health, but in which it is specified that what what causes damage is excess consumption». At first, Minister McConalogue confined himself to recalling that the Ministry of Health also has a say in the legislation issued by his country. In the evening, however, less conciliatory statements were leaked from Irish diplomatic sources: the Dublin decision on special labels with health warnings “follows a national legislation of 2018 which anticipated the very positive position taken by the EU Commission on a similar measure in the to beat cancer. So for us, the lack of opposition from Brussels represents another important step in adopting these rules”. Ireland, in short, seems determined to continue on its way.

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