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Italy has few children, but in companies parental welfare reaches record levels of participation

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Italy has few children, but in companies parental welfare reaches record levels of participation

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Italy has few children and where companies implement measures to support parents, membership reaches record numbers, a sign of families’ great need for support measures. As happened in Enel, where, one year after the agreement on parental welfare, the balance sheet on the new measures speaks of the participation of more than a thousand people, including working mothers and working fathers who have had access to parental leave with increased pay and more than 700 new fathers who took advantage of 10 additional days of paternity leave, paid 100% by the company.

The demographic curve

The two measures are part of a broader package of welfare actions to support parenthood in a complex demographic phase, where the birth curve is progressively declining, so much so that according to the latest Istat data they have fallen below 400 thousand per year , while the number of centenarians is progressively growing.

Parental leave

In fact, for about a year Enel has had a trade union agreement which doubles the number of days of paternity leave: in addition to the 10 already established by law, working fathers are granted another 10 days of paid leave – 20 in the case of multiple births – which they are 100% paid by the company. In addition to this, an increase in the amount of parental leave allowances for both mothers and fathers was also foreseen, with significantly improved forecasts compared to those of the law, and an increase in the annual unpaid leave days was authorized due to illness of children aged between 3 and 12 years.

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Parenting measures

In addition to permits, the group has now made other welfare measures structural to support parenthood. Like the parental program, aimed at parents and aimed at identifying new professional development opportunities and tools to improve work-life balance. Or support programs for caregiver parents, as well as financial contributions for nurseries, nursery schools, elementary, middle and high schools, summer camps, study trips abroad. All initiatives that give concreteness to the commitment in favor of working mothers on whom Enel also signed the Pact for responsible companies in favor of maternity, promoted by the Minister of the Family Eugenia Roccella.

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