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Jack Ma is doing Alibaba executives reveal that he is very low-key | Cai Chongxin | Epoch Times

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[Epoch Times June 16, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Zhang Ting comprehensive report) Alibaba founder Jack Ma’s whereabouts since October last year has attracted attention. The company’s executive vice chairman Joe Tsai recently stated that Jack Ma is still low-key and focused on his hobbies and philanthropy.

“He keeps a low profile now. I talk to him every day.” Cai Chongxin said in an interview with CNBC program “Squawk Box”. “He regards painting as a hobby, which is actually quite good.”

The billionaire founder’s relationship with the Chinese Communist government has been turbulent in the past few months, which has prevented him from appearing in the public eye for quite some time. In October last year, just a few days before Ant Financial’s initial public offerings (IPOs) in Shanghai and Hong Kong, Jack Ma made negative comments about the Chinese Communist Party’s financial regulator. It was originally the largest public offering in the world, but it was stopped by the Chinese Communist Party’s regulators two days before the IPO.

After the IPO was suspended, Jack Ma seemed to have evaporated, leading to rumors of his disappearance. A source at the time told CNBC that Jack Ma was acting in a low-key manner. On January 20 this year, Jack Ma “appeared” once and participated in the Rural Teacher Award Ceremony via video. Ma Yun’s appearance made Alibaba’s stock rise by about 8% that day, but the outside world is still full of doubts about his appearance through video.

Regulators investigated Alibaba in December last year. In April of this year, the Chinese government imposed a fine of 2.8 billion U.S. dollars on the company, claiming that it had abused its dominant market position.

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Cai Chongxin said that Alibaba is coming out of the fine and moving forward.

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