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JD.com’s Self-Operated Offline Stores Provide Integrated Smart Home Appliance Experience at CIAC Exhibition

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JD.com’s Self-Operated Offline Stores Provide Integrated Smart Home Appliance Experience at CIAC Exhibition

JD.com’s Self-Operated Offline Stores Showcase Integrated Home Appliance Scene at 2023 CIAC Exhibition

Beijing, August 6 – The 2023 China (Beijing) International Audiovisual Conference (CIAC) commenced on August 3 with the theme “Smart Radio and Television Future Audiovisual.” Renowned companies in the audiovisual industry gathered at this comprehensive event. JD.com’s self-operated offline store, participating in the CIAC exhibition, unveiled the JD.com Smart Life Experience Hall with the theme “Smart Life Club.” Utilizing innovative integration of home appliances and home scenes, the exhibition provided visitors with a full range of smart technology experiences, drawing in numerous attendees.

JD.com’s self-operated offline stores encompass various trendy business formats, including home appliances, home decoration, whole house customization, digital computers, mobile communications, trendy entertainment, sports and outdoor, gourmet catering, and new energy vehicles. It serves as not only a diversified sales channel for home appliances and household products but also plays a vital role in brand promotion and product display, becoming a beloved urban science and technology landmark for consumers.

From August 3rd to August 6th, JD.com’s self-operated offline stores immersed visitors in exceptional shopping scenes within the CIAC exhibition site. Three major sections were created, namely the “home appliance display area, 3C technology display area, and brand promotion area,” showcasing 24 categories of products, including reputable domestic and foreign brands like PICO, Lenovo, Philips, Logitech, and JBL. This integration of home appliances and homes created an immersive and comprehensive smart life experience zone.

Among the showcased areas, the family scene experience zone gained significant popularity among visitors. Various home environments such as living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms allowed visitors to personally experience the control and interaction of smart home systems, manifesting the convenience and comfort brought by smart homes. Additionally, the e-sports and campus scene experience zone became a “must check-in place” for many attendees. Here, consumers engaged in interactive e-sports games, enjoying the ultimate gaming experience through new product demonstrations and satisfying their desire for novel experiences.

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At the exhibition, JD.com’s self-operated offline stores showcased advanced digital and intelligent infrastructure models. Breaking through traditional shopping guide sales models, the stores utilized cloud shelves, interactive shelves, and electronic price tags for product sales. Furthermore, digital large screens were employed to analyze and guide store operations, providing consumers with a smarter and more convenient shopping experience. These digital intelligence capabilities not only improved work efficiency and sales conversion but also facilitated the integration of online and offline development.

As a significant component of JD Home Appliances’ omni-channel strategy, self-operated formats such as JD Mall and super experience stores have implemented successfully in seven cities, including Xi’an, Hefei, Chongqing, Shenyang, Dongguan, Kunming, and Shijiazhuang. Leveraging the enterprise’s “chain-network integration” advantages, JD.com aims to accelerate the establishment of Jingdong Mall in cities such as Ningbo, Wuhan, Changsha, Tianjin, and Guangzhou, thereby promoting high-quality development in the real economy and injecting new vitality into local economies.

Through their participation in the 2023 CIAC exhibition, JD.com’s self-operated offline stores have successfully garnered attention beyond their usual circles, attracting numerous audiences. Looking ahead, JD.com remains committed to optimizing consumer shopping experiences, allowing more individuals to enjoy the convenience and fun offered by smart technology and immersive experiences.

Additionally, JD.com’s self-operated offline stores have prepared an array of interactive activities for exhibition attendees, promising random surprises and benefits for those visiting the site. Interested consumers in Beijing are encouraged to visit the Etron International Convention and Exhibition Center from now until August 6 to witness an audiovisual feast combining smart technology and beautiful experiences!

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