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JD Supermarket’s first 618 household consumption new product list released: 17 new products including high-tech and other three trends entered the list_Industrial Economics_Finance_中金网

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JD Supermarket’s first 618 household consumption new product list released: 17 new products including high-tech and other three trends entered the list_Industrial Economics_Finance_中金网
The 618 promotion is in full swing. On June 2, a list of household fast-moving consumer goods, which may be called the “most authoritative” during the 618 period, was released. The list is based on e-commerce big data, selected by buyers, and selects the ultimate household fast-moving consumer goods that represent the highest quality and most distinctive features. 17 trending new products and 17 explosive products are on the list. Jia Maomao, head of the feeding supplies group of the Maternal and Baby Business Department of JD Supermarket, introduced the trending new products on the spot.

17 products stood out, including Safeguard Body Wash, Zebra World Early Education Machine, and Kaikashi DIY Beaded Bracelet for Girls and Children, covering four major categories: home cleaning, personal care, mother and baby, and toys.

In addition, JD Supermarket also announced for the first time a set of product selection methodology for product selection. Through product selection analysis “five views” and product selection surveys, it strives to bring consumers the most cost-effective products and help merchants achieve high growth. Based on this product selection methodology, JD Supermarket has a precise insight into consumption trends, and divides current consumption trends into three product types: quick-acting and convenient, high-tech, and self-worthy.


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Effect comes first, convenience is king Ruiwu Yuanqi Mosquito Repellent Bracelet is very popular

On the whole, consumers’ demands are becoming more and more refined, and at the same time, they are paying more attention to the quality and convenience of products.

Household consumer products are showing a trend of paying more attention to effects and pursuing convenience. Based on insights into the industry, JD.com’s product selection team has been keenly aware of this trend, and many quick-acting and convenient products have also been listed on the trending new product list.

Among them, essential oils can be replaced by the outdoor mosquito repellent “artifact” Rave Mosquito Repellent Bracelet, and Pantene 3-minute Shampoo, which is a quick-acting 3-minute repair and shortens hair care time. A variety of products including Colgate’s heat-sensitive smoke-removing oxygen whitening toothpaste, EVOCELER baby toy newborn gift box in a customizable gift box, SPF 50, and waterproof Hi!papa sea turtle daddy children’s sunscreen spray are on the list.

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technology and safety seats New products enter the list”/>

Procter & Gamble, which has a number of products on the list, participated in the conference. Sun Danping, general manager of the global retail business group of P&G Greater China, said that this year is the 14th year of cooperation with JD.com, and we have been working hard to better serve consumers. In order to continuously bring better trend new products to consumers.

High-tech products reshape the industry standard Goodbaby child seat exceeds the national standard by 2.56 times

In the critical period of consumption upgrading, scientific and technological capabilities are accelerating the integration with consumer goods, and high-tech household fast-moving consumer goods are entering the homes of more ordinary people.

The buyer team of JD Supermarket seized the trend of high-tech product consumption, searched for high-quality goods from brand merchants, and developed new technological products that exceeded industry standards through cooperation with merchants.


technology and safety seats New products enter the list”/>

Taking safety seat products as an example, the current number of cars in my country continues to increase, and private car travel has become an important scene for family travel. However, there is still room for improvement in the brand, safety, and quality of domestic safety seats.

Based on this, JD.com, through big data C2M reverse customization, and Goodbaby, a well-known maternal and infant brand, jointly create products with safety standards far exceeding the national standard, even higher than those in Europe and the United States.

Once the Goodbaby child safety seat safety cabin No. 1 was launched, it became a TOP brand of durable consumer goods, and was included in the CCTV focus interview with its leading value of high safety and high quality. The Goodbaby brand has also become a high-quality representative of China’s exports.

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Today, JD.com’s reverse customized personalized products have covered more than 1,300 categories, cooperated with more than 3,000 brands, and the number of product SKUs has reached more than 90,000. The sales volume of the category increased by the largest 13 times year-on-year.

In addition to Goodbaby child safety seat safety cabin No. 1, 100% virgin wood pulp Vinda cotton is tough, luxurious and soft, and Febreze deodorizing egg with a deodorizing efficiency greater than 94%, the first real skin care Huggies ) butt mask growing pants, eight babycare baby electric heating mosquito-repellent liquid without additives, and the little white bear constant temperature kettle with quantitative water output and automatic milk making are on the list.


technology and safety seats New products enter the list”/>

Li Ruiyao, director of JD.com’s customer group in the e-commerce department of Kimberly-Clark (China) Co., Ltd., is very optimistic about JD.com’s ability to create trendy new products. She said that based on the friendly cooperation in the past, we actively tried new cooperation in terms of cost reduction and efficiency increase and brand marketing. On April 19, we exclusively launched new products in Jingdong Rubik’s Cube, and the sales exceeded 50 million on that day.

Lin Weihong, senior director of e-commerce at Vinda Group, also said that from crossing the 1 billion threshold in 7 years to achieving sales of 2 billion yuan a year, we have cooperated deeply with JD.com in various fields. In the past two years, JD 618 has created The cooperation record of the two single products exceeds 10 million.

Pleasant self-worth products have become popular, and Huamu Planet’s 7-day fragrance laundry beads have grown by 147%

As the female group pays more and more attention to their own health, they pay more and more attention to the delicacy of life, and self-pleasure is quietly rising.

As a high-frequency product, consumers have higher and higher requirements for laundry products. JD Buyers attaches great importance to consumers’ diversified laundry demands, and continues to explore three-in-one laundry products with multiple functions on the market.

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technology and safety seats New products enter the list”/>

Among them, Huamu Planet 7-day fragrance laundry beads, which integrates cleaning, fragrance and color protection, stand out in the strict selection criteria of Jingdong buyers. Through the cooperation model of direct procurement from manufacturers, this product also achieved the lowest price on JD.com, and achieved a sales growth rate of 147% month-on-month on the day of the new product launch in April, which is deeply loved by consumers.

In addition, the Zebra World early education machine with situational teaching and smart touch interaction, the DIY beaded bracelet for Kaikashi girls and children who can improve aesthetics and matching ability, and the non-drying, comfortable and delicate Vaseline streamer moisturizing lotion , Moisturizing, long-lasting rever fragrance shower gel and many other products are also on the list.


technology and safety seats New products enter the list”/>

Zhao Hui, general manager of Kantar Worldpanel Northern Region, said that the economy is recovering, and the public is very concerned about high-end products. Paper, mosquito repellent, and baby care products are growing rapidly. This is also the direction of product selection that the JD buyer team will focus on in the future.

Over the years, based on JD Supermarket’s product selection methodology, many trending products have gathered here, making JD’s concept of “many, fast, good, and economical” deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. JD Supermarket is also becoming an important and trusted online channel for consumers. In the future, JD.com will continue to strengthen its channel advantages, bring more trendy goods, and help consumers live a better life.

The ultimate shopping experience of JD.com 618 is still being upgraded. You can enjoy a 30-day price guarantee for purchasing promotional products at JD.com Supermarket 618. In addition, you can also enjoy the service of “double compensation for expensive purchases” for “10 billion subsidy” and “super value” venue products.

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