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JD Supermarket’s omni-channel scale hit a record high: access to over 600 Yonghui supermarkets, covering over 34,000 stores and over 27,000 brands_Cooperation_Retail_Consumer Service

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JD Supermarket’s omni-channel scale hit a record high: access to over 600 Yonghui supermarkets, covering over 34,000 stores and over 27,000 brands_Cooperation_Retail_Consumer Service

Original title: JD Supermarket’s omni-channel scale reached a new high: access to over 600 Yonghui supermarkets, covering over 34,000 stores and over 27,000 brands

During the just past JD 618, JD Supermarket’s omni-channel business once again ushered in a scale upgrade. JD Supermarket and Hourly Shopping have covered more than 34,000 brick-and-mortar stores and over 27,000 brands, providing consumers in nearly 400 cities across the country. Instant consumption service.

At the same time, according to the announcement at the JD 618 Media Open Day press conference, the total sales of JD Supermarket’s omni-channel business during JD 618 saw more than 27,000 cooperative brands and more than 30,000 cooperative stores increase its turnover by 5 times year-on-year. Among them, the omni-channel business turnover of brands such as Mengniu, Yili, and Arowana increased by 5.6 times year-on-year, and the omni-channel business turnover of merchants such as Walmart, China Resources, and Yonghui increased by 6.6 times year-on-year.

Covering more than 600 Yonghui supermarket stores to jointly build a new model for digital transformation and upgrading of the retail industry

In recent years, with the change of consumers’ consumption habits, the traditional retail format has been continuously improved. The most obvious trend among them is that the consumption of supermarkets has the characteristics of covering online and offline omni-channels. At the same time, consumers’ promotional information and supply information for supermarkets also tend to be fully contacted online and offline. As a leading well-known supermarket in China, Yonghui Supermarket is also undergoing a comprehensive transformation under this trend.

During JD 618, JD Supermarket officially announced that it has reached an in-depth omni-channel business cooperation with Yonghui Supermarket. In terms of integrated operation and other aspects, we will jointly build the innovative growth of retail business in the same city. Up to now, Yonghui Supermarket has connected to more than 600 JD.com omni-channel business stores.

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In fact, Yonghui Supermarket and JD Supermarket have been cooperating in the field of fresh O2O for many years, and they are one of the earlier supermarket brands to cooperate with JD.com. JD.com’s efficient logistics and distribution system and good service ecology have provided a good boost for Yonghui Supermarket’s business expansion.

After the “Tianxuan” business was launched, consumers 3-5 kilometers away from Yonghui Supermarket opened the Jingdong APP and searched for “Yonghui Self-operated Hours Da” to enter more than 600 Yonghui Supermarket online stores nationwide. Shop for daily necessities and enjoy a one-hour delivery experience.

“Sustainable growth of traffic is an eternal topic of retailing,” said the relevant person in charge of Yonghui Supermarket, “With the development of consumers’ omni-channel shopping habits, online delivery has become an indispensable part of retail services, and many regional markets of customers have developed the shopping habit of “online + offline” integration. In recent years, Yonghui has also been actively improving its online service capabilities to meet the needs of consumers. JD.com has industry-leading marketing capabilities and system docking This cooperation will enable both parties to meet the omni-channel shopping needs of more consumers on a larger scale.”

Through this cooperation, Yonghui Supermarket has further improved its omni-channel matrix, and at the same time, it has realized the connection of JD.com’s huge active users and consumption scenarios, providing important support for promoting online business growth. The joint construction of the two parties in the omni-channel business will help Yonghui Superstores continue to improve service capabilities and operational efficiency, improve the integrated offline and offline ecological construction, and create more, faster, better, and better products for consumers. Save the consumer experience.

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Seven technical cooperations including automatic reconciliation will be implemented to promote the digital upgrade of Yonghui Superstores, reduce costs and increase efficiency

In addition to cooperation in marketing, channels, etc., the cooperation between Jingdong Supermarket and Yonghui Supermarket will also continue to make efforts in the field of technology. The relevant person in charge of Yonghui Supermarket said that this cooperation has fully opened up the interface data between Yonghui Supermarket and JD.com. Yonghui can call JD.com’s interface data to settle settlements in the self-developed system, and compare it with the billing data in JD.com’s backend. Yes, to avoid errors caused by manual and manual reconciliation.

Xue Fangfang, general manager of the Operation Department of Wujingtianzhe, the omni-channel business group of JD.com Retail Group, said that based on this cooperation, the two parties will give full play to their respective technical strengths in user mining, coupon docking, selection and selection. In order to ensure smooth system connection, efficient store service, and improved user reputation.

The in-depth cooperation with Yonghui Supermarket represents the continuous improvement of JD Supermarket’s omni-channel business capabilities, and also provides a reference sample for the digital upgrade of the traditional supermarket retail industry.

It can be seen from the ten omni-channel capability modules previously released by JD Supermarket, the ten capability modules, such as digital and intelligent system transformation, accelerated supply chain response, local scene coverage, and accurate customer reach, have become JD Supermarket’s assistance to traditional supermarkets. It is an important starting point for the digital transformation of the retail industry, and at the same time, it forms solutions by flexibly integrating its own capabilities, which will also help merchants and brands to achieve speed-up and upgrade, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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Since the outbreak of the epidemic in various places, JD.com’s omni-channel business has joined Wal-Mart, China Resources, Yonghui and other large supermarkets to increase the inventory and stocking of people’s livelihood commodities at the first time, and cooperated with JD. Fully implement the responsibility of “responsible supply chain”. Actively help supermarkets and brand partners to expand business growth, continue to help prevent epidemics, ensure supply, and resume business and market.

As the first choice for high-growth, profitable and certain omni-channel supermarkets for fresh food and fast-moving consumer goods companies, Jingdong Supermarket relies on a responsible supply chain to build the industry’s largest stabilizer, the largest brand increment field, and the largest trending hatchery. In the future, JD Supermarket will continue to make efforts in more fields, open up marketing cooperation links, improve the stickiness and depth of business cooperation, and the consumer mind of hourly delivery, so as to achieve common growth with retail brands.Return to Sohu, see more

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