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Jeep Compass in private leasing: Here you will find the best offer for the SUV

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Jeep Compass in private leasing: Here you will find the best offer for the SUV

We found an interesting offer for the Jeep Compass from Emil Frey.

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Are you looking for a spacious SUV that doesn’t compromise on style and driving pleasure? At the same time, do you try to live in an environmentally conscious way, which is why you wouldn’t rule out an electric car? Then he should Jeep Compass 1.5L GSE T4 Altitude DCT* be the right vehicle for you. The hybrid combines the advantages of electromobility with the comfort, design and features of a luxury SUV. That’s what he offers 131 PSwhich it up to 193 km/h create, but clearly the environment fewer load more than regular SUVs.

Jeep Compass in private leasing: Affordable offer from Emil Frey

That’s what you usually pay for 39.900,00 Euro. If this is beyond the scope due to inflation etc., we have a much cheaper alternative for you. You can currently lease the Jeep Compass in the 1.5L GSE T4 Altitude DCT version from Emil Frey*. As part of the private leasing deal, the SUV has already been sold 209,00 Euro available per month. This is the cheapest rate that we found in our comparison calculator for the Jeep Compass.

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What you should know about the Jeep Compass leasing deal

This private leasing deal is characterized by its excellent conditions. This is the term for the Jeep Compass 1.5L GSE T4 Altitude DCT* only 24 Fun, which corresponds to two years. The mileage is up 5.000 Kilometer set. For a small additional charge, the annual mileage can be increased to up to 20.000 Kilometer be increased per year. In addition to the monthly rate of 209.00 euros, there is also a one-time payment: you will be charged a deployment fee of 990,00 Euro calculated.

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We have summarized all further information about the Jeep leasing offer for you here:

Duration: 24 Fun

mileage: 5,000 kilometers per year

Monthly Rate: 209,00 Euro

Commitment fee: one-off 990.00 euros

Special payment: no

Delivery: Pick up from dealer

delivery time: Circa

Leasingfaktor: 0,52

Total cost factor: 0,63

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Is the Jeep Compass offer worth it?

The conditions of this leasing contract are really impressive. On the one hand, we don’t have a cheaper rate for that Jeep Compass 1.5L GSE T4 Altitude DCT* discovered. On the other hand, this offer also scores points with its attractive leasing factor, which is: 0,52 lies. Explanation: As a rule, leasing offers for which these values ​​are around or below one are classified as good to very good. Finally, the short term is also a pro for this deal. This means you don’t have to commit to the SUV for too long and you can switch to the next car in just two years. It also helps that the delivery time is just four months is reasonable. If the Jeep Compass is the right car for you, we can more than recommend this bargain*.

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Equipment and performance: What can the Jeep Compass do?

As mentioned at the beginning, it offers you Jeep Compass 1.5L GSE T4 Altitude DCT* the best combination of design, space, performance and environmental features. This is ensured, among other things, by: 131 PS Engine with automatic transmission as well as the elegant Interior decoration. Thanks to the seamless connectivity of your smartphone, the Jeep offers you maximum comfort while driving and the driving assistance systems give you a safe feeling while driving, even in hectic city traffic. We have put together an overview of the Jeep Compass for you here:

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List price:39.900,00 EuroDrive:Mild-HybridCircuit:AutomaticPerfomance:131 PS (96 Kilowatts)Maximum speed:up to 193 km/hFuel consumption:combined 5.6 liters per 100 kilometersCO2 emissions:combined 130 grams per kilometerEnergy efficiency class:DEmission class:Euro 6Furnishing:Automatic climate control, rain sensor, cruise control, on-board computer, multifunction steering wheel, voice control, touchscreen, parking assistance, tire pressure monitoring system, blind spot assistant, keyless central locking, Bluetooth, navigation system, automatic start/stop system, emergency brake assistant, lane departure warning and moreColor:Upon requestDelivery time:Around Vier Monate

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