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Jiaxing Takes Steps to Streamline and Expedite Investment Project Approvals

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Jiaxing, a city in Zhejiang Province, China, is making significant efforts to promote value-added investment project approval services. The Xiuzhou District Government Affairs Data Office, in collaboration with various departments, has streamlined the approval process for general enterprise investment projects in order to minimize the time required for approval. As a result, projects in Xiuzhou District such as the YTO Jiaxing Global Aviation Logistics Hub Project, the Wufangzhai Digital Industry Smart Park Construction Project, and the Xiushui Optics Valley Park have been able to start construction immediately upon receiving the land.

The city of Jiaxing has been experiencing noteworthy growth in fixed asset investment. In the first half of this year alone, Jiaxing completed fixed asset investment amounting to 178.87 billion yuan, representing a year-on-year increase of 12.5%. This growth has positioned Jiaxing City as the second-highest contributor to fixed asset investment in Zhejiang Province.

To support the needs of enterprises, the Jiaxing Municipal Government Data Office has adopted an approach of streamlining procedures, optimizing processes, and integrating services. This has resulted in improved quality and efficiency in investment project approval services. The government has formed a dedicated service team and implemented changes in working mechanisms to enhance smart empowerment and accelerate the value-added aspect of government services. These efforts have also contributed to improving the overall business environment in the city.

One of the key initiatives undertaken by Jiaxing is the establishment of a “one-stop” service team that assists enterprises throughout the entire project life cycle. This team provides a range of services including registration, project establishment, commencement, construction, completion, and commissioning. Efforts have also been made to open green channels for key projects, allowing for smoother and faster approvals. For instance, Pinghu City has introduced a comprehensive service center called the “Golden Butler,” which offers services for the entire approval process of construction projects. The center assigns a dedicated team to each enterprise and provides detailed approval flow charts, making the process easier to navigate.

Jiaxing has also focused on optimizing and reengineering the approval process. Pre-approval reviews have been replaced with a self-examination commitment system, reducing the time required for approval. Additionally, parallel approval processes have been implemented to allow for simultaneous declaration, review, and issuance of results by multiple departments. The Nanhu District has successfully implemented a reform known as “multi-evaluation into one,” which streamlines the investment project approval process by unifying submission and approval procedures. This iterative approach has significantly improved the efficiency and quality of project approvals.

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The city has also created “multi-span collaboration” application scenarios to further enhance the approval process. For instance, Pinghu City has developed a handheld check application called the “Survey Manager Handheld Check,” which allows construction units and surveying and mapping units to access project information and monitor approval progress online. The Jiaxing Construction Industry Smart Supervision Cloud Platform has been utilized to introduce a smart supervision model for the construction market, integrating administrative law enforcement with industry management. By utilizing credit evaluation systems and online and offline inspections, the platform ensures comprehensive supervision throughout the entire project construction process.

The efforts to expedite approval processes have yielded results. Thanks to the “multi-evaluation into one” reform implemented in Nanhu District, the reconstruction project of Jiaxing Chengdong Hospital Co., Ltd. successfully completed multiple administrative licensing matters at once, significantly reducing the time required for approval.

The Jiaxing Municipal Government Data Office aims to extend the advanced experience of value-added government services throughout the city. By expanding service coverage, introducing innovative service models, and leveraging data applications, the office is working to further improve the efficiency of investment project approvals and support the high-quality development of Jiaxing’s economy.

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