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Jiaxing’s service industry has a strong momentum of high-quality development

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In the first half of this year, many indicators ranked in the forefront of the province

Jiaxing’s service industry has a strong momentum of high-quality development

【Data semi-annual report】

Since the beginning of this year, the city has taken various measures to boost confidence in the development of the service industry and stimulate the vitality of market players. In the first half of the year, the added value of the city’s service industry reached 134.606 billion yuan, and the sales of the wholesale industry increased by 21.3%, ranking third in the province; the revenue of the service industry enterprises increased by 13.4%, of which the revenue of the information service industry increased by 21.3%. 41.1%, ranking first in the province; 5 platforms were selected into the second batch of provincial modern service industry innovation development zones, ranking first in the province for two consecutive years; 187 service industry “hundreds of billions” projects completed all The annual investment is 66.3%, and 26 service industry projects have been selected into the provincial major project plan, ranking first in the province.

  [Measures to see ideas]

Promote the stable development of the service industry and improve the quality

The service industry reflects the vitality of the region’s economy at one end, and is connected to employment at the other end, and is the “ballast stone” for the smooth operation of the economy. In the first half of this year, the city’s service industry was faced with the dual pressures of the epidemic and the economic downturn.

In this special period, it has become a top priority to effectively reduce the burden on the service industry, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, and help enterprises tide over the difficulties.

In this regard, our city, in accordance with the principle of “first time + top discount”, promotes various service industry relief and assistance policies to directly enjoy fast enjoyment. At present, 25.8514 million yuan of funds have been redeemed, and the redemption rate has reached 100.2%, and the realization progress is listed in the city’s 11 No. 1 in special funds.

At the same time, in order to undertake the “recovery” of consumption after the epidemic, our city has also launched a 100-day campaign to boost consumption, carry out continuous stimulation of market vitality, accelerate the development of new types of consumption, cultivate and expand national trend consumption, and promote cultural, tourism and sports consumption. Five major actions, including recovery and expansion of life service consumption, have made every effort to launch the “Consumption in Jiaxing” brand. Before the end of September this year, the city will organize more than 100 various consumer promotion activities, and issue 300 million yuan of consumer coupons in the fields of automobiles, home appliances, furniture, home improvement, accommodation, catering, tourism, culture, and sports.

“Issuing consumer coupons can not only subsidize citizens, stimulate their enthusiasm for consumption, but also benefit enterprises and drive related industries and enterprises to increase their income. It has a ‘multiplier effect’ on boosting consumption and stimulating economic growth.” said the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission. .

Driven by consumption promotion policies at all levels, residents’ consumption demand has been continuously released. In June this year, Nanhu District issued 7 million yuan of car consumption coupons, which directly drove 418 million yuan of car consumption. The Jiaxing Economic and Technological Development Zone has invested about 40 million yuan in consumer coupons, covering 1,000 market players in ten categories of consumption, including home improvement, catering, and entertainment. Among them, under the pull of automobile consumption coupons, the sales of automobiles reached 456 million yuan.

Jiaxing Penghang Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. is a new energy vehicle dealer, mainly selling Xiaopeng new energy vehicles. Tao Mingqing, the manager of one of the company’s sales stores, told reporters: “A car with a price of 250,000 yuan can receive a subsidy of 13,000 yuan. Some customers who wait and see immediately place orders. In June, we delivered 230 vehicles. , an increase of nearly 30% year-on-year.”

At the same time, the majority of service industry market players are also seeking development in the face of adversity and breakthroughs in transformation. Jiaxing Huanyang E-commerce Logistics Service Co., Ltd. changed the track in time, used the self-developed new system, and established a fast channel for foreign transportation. In the first half of this year, its revenue reached 300 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30%. The annual revenue is expected to reach 12 billion. Jiashan Litong Information Technology Co., Ltd. aimed at market demand and developed a variety of epidemic prevention and control products. In the first half of the year, its revenue reached 57 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 234%.

Behind the upward curve of the half-year “transcript” of the service industry is not only the “hands-on” of government departments in special times, but also the foundation laid by the city’s service industry to adhere to the high-quality development route.

Our city has set up a special class for the high-quality development of the service industry, and established and improved the “1+9” working mechanism for the development of the modern service industry, that is, 1 leading department (Municipal Development and Reform Commission) + 9 special working groups for key service industries. Horizontally, the member units of the leading group realize the sharing of indicators and funds, and 15 departments such as development and reform, commerce, cultural tourism, financial office, and market supervision have established a special work coordination mechanism; vertically, the service industry development work special class (leadership group) system directly to the town (street).

In terms of top-level design, our city has specially compiled the “14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of the Service Industry in Jiaxing City” and the “14th Five-Year Plan for the High-Quality Development of the Logistics Industry in Jiaxing City” to lock in the five-year development general program; Several Opinions on the Development of the Modern Service Industry”, clarifying the overall development goals of the city’s modern service industry; focusing on the key industries and key nodes in the development of the service industry, formulate the production service industry, logistics industry, building economy, service industry strong towns (streets), A series of special plans such as ten practical things to promote consumption and leading (top ten innovative) enterprises will be set up, and special funds for the development of the service industry will be established at the same time, with an average annual overall planning fund of 60 million yuan.

Under the comprehensive measures, the city’s service industry has played the “strongest voice” for development. Not long ago, five service industry parks including Jiaxing Modern Logistics Service Industry Innovation Development Zone and China Guigu Jiashan Science and Technology Park Innovation Development Zone were successfully selected into the second batch of Zhejiang Province Modern Logistics Service Industry Innovation Development Zone. Up to now, 12 parks in the city have been selected as provincial-level modern service industry innovation and development zones, ranking first in the province.

“We have also formed a bottom-up and inside-out working atmosphere in the city that attaches importance to the development of the service industry and pays attention to the development of the service industry through various competitions and selection activities,” said the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission. Our city conducts evaluation activities for the high-quality development of the town (street) service industry every year. Up to now, the city has cultivated Wutong Street in Tongxiang City, Haizhou Street in Haining City, Danghu Street in Pinghu City, Wuyuan Street in Haiyan County, and Puyuan Town in Tongxiang City. 5 towns (sub-districts) with an added value of over 10 billion yuan in the service industry; take the lead in cultivating leading service industry enterprises and top ten innovative enterprises in the province, and set development pacesetters by industry.

  【Fighting for the third quarter】

It is necessary to improve quality and efficiency while maintaining momentum

In the first half of the year, although the city’s service industry showed bright spots such as good development quality, strong anti-risk capability, and strong corporate resilience, it still faced pressure and challenges.

How to make the service industry go more solidly on the road of high-quality development? This year, our city put forward in the main points of service industry work, adhere to innovation and leadership, highlight key points, integrate and synergize, and focus on development, and strive to promote the production service industry to specialization and the high-end extension of the value chain, and the life service industry to upgrade to high quality and diversification , to accelerate the development of the service industry to improve quality and efficiency.

For example, to promote the professional development of the producer service industry, in key areas such as technology, information, logistics, and business services, guide enterprises to deepen technology penetration and business linkage, promote the integrated development of the service industry and manufacturing industry, and cultivate a number of pilot parks for the integration of the two industries. and pilot enterprises; comprehensively implement the comprehensive evaluation of “Efficiency per Mu” of service enterprises, and promote the concentration of factor resources in high-quality and high-efficiency areas.

While improving quality and efficiency, it is also necessary to build momentum in a stable manner to accumulate stamina for the development of the service industry. Based on the status quo of infrastructure and industry, Jiaxing will focus on scientific and technological information, modern logistics, financial services and other fields, and plan a number of high-quality key projects with large investment volume and strong driving effect, and continuously consolidate the service industry project library for project construction. Lay the foundation. With the help of the integrated development strategy of the Yangtze River Delta and the Golden South Wing strategy of the Hongqiao International Open Hub, actively “going out” to attract investment, actively “inviting in” to negotiate, focusing on the implementation of service industry projects to attract large and strong, producer service industry “double entry and double production”, We will carry out all-round, in-depth and wide-ranging investment promotion, and introduce a number of high-quality service industry projects.

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