Home Business Jiu’an Medical has a daily limit and gains 8 consecutive boards

Jiu’an Medical has a daily limit and gains 8 consecutive boards

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On November 24, Jiu’an Medical had a daily limit of 8 consecutive boards, the current price was 14.60 yuan, and the daily limit was over 100,000 lots.

The stock price of Jiu’an Medical continued to rise from an announcement on November 7. Prior to this, Jiu’an Medical issued an announcement stating that the subsidiary’s new crown antigen home self-test OTC kit has been authorized by the US FDA EUA. After obtaining the U.S. Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), the product can be sold in the U.S. and countries/regions that recognize the U.S. EUA during the U.S. public health emergency.

According to reports, the advantage of this product is that “the individual can collect the nasal cavity swab samples for operation, and the results can be quickly obtained in 15 minutes; consumers can purchase through e-commerce, pharmacies, supermarkets and other channels in the United States without a prescription.” It is expected that it may bring related sales revenue to the company in the future.

On November 23, Jiu’an Medical’s statement on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive Yi platform added fire to the above-mentioned “official announcement”. Jiu’an Medical stated on the investor interaction platform that the company’s new crown antigen home self-test OTC kit products have been sold locally to the C-end and B-end simultaneously by its subsidiary iHealth USA at the beginning of last week. The company is actively approaching and following up Party customer’s order.

On the evening of November 23, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of concern to Jiu’an Medical. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange requires Jiu’an Medical to combine the company’s emergency use authorization period, market demand, selling price, capacity and capacity expansion plans, production and sales, market share, competing products, profitability and other factors, indicating that your company is in interactive Whether the relevant replies of the kit products on the platform are prudent and objective, whether they have factual basis and are consistent with the actual situation, whether there are misleading statements or publicity, advertising, or exaggerated statements.

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In addition, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange requires the company to explain whether the relevant expressions of the kit products on the interactive platform are compliant; whether the company has violated the accuracy, timeliness, and fairness of information disclosure, and whether there is any use of the interactive platform to cater Market hotspots and hype about company stock prices.

At the same time, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange requires the company to explain whether there is a situation where the incentive objects of the 2020 stock option incentive plan are suspected of raising the stock price to make profits; whether there is any suspected insider trading, etc.; a detailed analysis of the company’s recent sharp rise in stock price and obvious Reasons for deviation from the broader market, and give adequate risk warnings.


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