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Journalism is told in the mountains of Prato Nevoso

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Journalism tells itself. Starting with those who dictate the pace every day, the directors of the main Italian newspapers. Protagonists of six evenings at high altitude, in the mountains of Prato Nevoso. Starting from a question: what is the press, information, communication today, in the traditional form of the paper newspaper or in the digital one? A cycle of encounters, lasting a whole winter, which investigates a two-speed world. “There is no doubt that the information planet is going through an epochal change today – explain the organizers -. Hence the first question to start from: are all information models in crisis or is the issue more about the print media than the online world? And then: how will journalism position itself in a world where news runs out in the space of a click without losing its most authentic soul, which is to investigate and provide an honest and disenchanted interpretation of reality? “.

The stage to discuss this is the space of an entire winter season. With the Il Rosso chalet, at two thousand meters above sea level, the setting for the zero edition of “Le Grandi Firme a Prato Nevoso”: the director of La Stampa, Massimo Giannini, inaugurates the exhibition on Friday evening, from 7 pm. In his curriculum, a long-term experience in Repubblica, head of the Economics editorial team, then deputy director, and the management of Ballarò su Raitre. Cesare Martinetti talks with him, first as a correspondent in La Stampa, then as deputy director with Mario Calabresi. But the discussion in several voices is enriched with another 5 evenings with the readers, to discuss what it means today to make a newspaper, how the hierarchy and the perception of the news have changed in such a difficult season where everything overlaps, pandemic, economic revival , political and institutional deadlines. And it will be deepened in the course of the other appointments: December 17 with Luca Ubaldeschi (director of Secolo XIX), January 14 with Ezio Mauro (former director of Stampa e Repubblica), while on January 21 Umberto Brindani (director of today). And again: Mario Calabresi, for years at the helm of Stampa e Repubblica, today founder and chief editor of the podcast platform Choramedia, will talk to readers on February 4th; Stefania Aloia and Paolo Griseri, deputy director of Repubblica and former deputy director of La Stampa, will close the review on 11 March.

The initiative is organized by Prato Nevoso spa. CEO Gian Luca Oliva: «We started with an idea: to create an event at high altitude with the editors of the major newspapers to understand, as readers and users of information, how a newspaper works. Reading a newspaper is a gesture that accompanies us every day. Thanks to the presence of the best information professionals, it is interesting to deepen the complex mechanism ». A dinner will follow each meeting. By reservation only at 3428052544. –

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