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Judge explains – For these reasons, many deportations fail

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Judge explains – For these reasons, many deportations fail

In which cases are people still tolerated in Germany?
For example, if there are family ties to Germany or if the person cannot reasonably return home for health reasons. Anyone who is obliged to leave the country but has a German child and takes care of them may also be able to stay here.

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A new study by the Bertelsmann Foundation shows that the immigration authorities are overloaded. Another reason why so few people have been deported so far?
This is difficult for me to judge. But I also hear that the authorities are massively overloaded. I was recently at a conference where it was discussed whether, for example, more places in deportation detention would help solve the problem. However, the objection seemed very plausible to me that it is a much bigger obstacle at the moment that the authorities are not getting the cases processed and are not using existing capacities.

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