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Juventus makes peace with sports justice with a fine of 718 thousand euros

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Juventus, fine of 718 thousand euros

A fine of 718 thousand euros and the waive the appeal on the penalty of ten points in the current championship. Thus ends, for sporting justice, the Juventus case. In a press release, the Juventus club announces that it has reached a plea deal which was approved by the sports judges.

Salary maneuvers and agreements with clubs

The fine concerns only the open proceeding, which actually includes four different strands. That is, the so-called “salary maneuvers 2019/2020 and 2020/2021”, to relations with some football agents “as well as to some alleged partnership relationships with other clubs. The agreement reached also includes, by Juventus, the waiver of the appeal to the Coni guarantee college on the ten penalty points in the championship. These relate to the first strand, that of capital gains made by the club on the sale of players.

The club: we corrected

In the note, Juventus reiterates “the correctness of their actions“. But he explains that “the definition of all open FIGC sporting procedures allows the Company to achieve a sure result. Putting a full stop and overcoming the state of tension and instability that would inevitably arise from the continuation of disputes uncertain results and timing. Also allowing management, the First Team coach and players to concentrate onsport activity and in particular on the overall programming of the next season. Both, the note concludes, “with reference to sporting activities and as regards business relations with sponsors, other commercial and financial counterparts”.

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The criminal case

The announcement of the plea deal closes the story from the point of view of sports justice, while the side of justice remains open ordinary justice. The court of Turin, where the proceeding resulting from the investigation by the prosecutor of the Piedmontese capital is underway, is awaiting the judgment of the Cassation on the appeal presented by the club, which disputes the territorial jurisdiction. The next hearing is scheduled for October 26, but if the Court accepts the appeal, the process will have to change location.

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