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Kia Niro changes, the new series changes style but confirms the three different offers of electrified variants

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Kia Niro six years later changes style. One of the most successful compact size crossovers in Europe is renewed above all in the style with even sharper and more decisive aesthetic traits to which is added an unprecedented rear pillar that will probably cause a lot of discussion. Kia, on the other hand, has confirmed that the car will be available starting next year always in three different power supply variants, namely Hev or full hybrid, Phev or plug-in and Ev only electric. Finally, the aesthetic as well as functional solutions of the interiors have made a big step forward with the addition of innovative applications.

The new Greenzone Drive Mode function

In fact, the Greenzone Drive Mode makes its debut, a specific application that acts on the driving mode and allows you to always switch fully automatically from hybrid to 100% electric drive. In practice, when crossing residential areas or near areas with a high accident rate, the car is able to guess from the information of the navigation system as well as from the driving history data that it is advisable to switch to the electric, a choice that is also activated in the most frequented places, such as residential units or offices by those who drive the new Niro.

Kia Niro, here's how it changes with the new series

Kia Niro, here’s how it changes with the new series

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Interior in the name of maximum sustainability

On the other hand, regarding the commitment to sustainability inside the new Niro, there are unpublished materials: the headliner, for example, was made with recycled wallpaper, while for the seats biio materials were used. – polyurethane obtained from eucalyptus leaves. Finally, a BTX-free paint is used for the door panels, i.e. benzene, toluene and xylene isomers. While confirming the technical characteristics of the car, the designers of the Korean brand have however worked to improve the level of the car offer with solutions derived from the top models of Kia.

Infotainment is the flagship of the Kia offer

In the front area, the passenger compartment features curved lines flanked by horizontal and diagonal sections that contrast with a glossy black surface, where the infotainment and air vents are inserted. The designers have chosen to focus on smaller seats in order not to subtract additional space from the occupants, without however affecting on-board comfort. Guaranteed, among other things, by other space-saving solutions that have been specially designed for the new Niro such as the headrests in coat hanger format.

The platform does not change and top battery is standard

The new Niro, however, does not use the E-GMP platform reserved for electric models of the brand, from the EV6 onwards. On a technical level, however, a real evolution of the current single-engine and front-wheel drive of the 100% electric e-Niro is expected, even if the more basic autonomy version may not be proposed again at the time of the launch of the Niro. model year 2022 given the increasing demand for the more powerful 64 kWh accumulator available today as an option since it is able to guarantee a range of 450 km which allows a more extensive use of the car.

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