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Kinto Go (Toyota) expands the range of services available from the App

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Kinto Go (Toyota) expands the range of services available from the App

Mobility becomes more and more within reach. Kinto Go, the multimodal aggregator of mobility services, the third global brand of the Toyota group dedicated to simple, inclusive, sustainable mobility, is renewed by introducing important innovations on the mobility services available.

How the Kinto Go App works

The Kinto Go app easily and digitally integrates travel planning, booking, payment and ticketing functions all at your fingertips. In fact, it offers the user a wide range of personal and leisure mobility solutions, transforming their smartphone into a useful and effective tool to manage their travel. For example, with a few clicks, it is possible to view routes, public transport (metro, trains, buses …) and the most suitable times to reach a destination, book and buy tickets directly in the app, but also pay for parking on the blue lines.

Kinto Go news

Kinto Go is renewed; in fact, on the stores there is a new version of the app that improves the user experience in many functions already active. For example, it is now possible to view an interactive map already on the homepage that allows you to identify the closest mobility solutions to facilitate the user in choosing the vehicle or better the combination of vehicles best suited to their needs as well as being able to know in real time the arrival time of public transport also in the planning phase of the trip so as to optimize travel times. The functions of displaying paid parking zones, planning parking and paying parking spaces also have improvements such as the selection of times, greatly improving the user experience.

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But not only that, among the important innovations also the availability of Helbiz urban micro-mobility vehicles. The offer therefore includes the possibility of booking and paying, directly from the app, for the use of vehicles from the Helbiz fleet, all in electric mode and therefore with zero impact, located in the main Italian cities including Turin, Milan, Rome, Naples, Palermo and Bari. It is singular that scooters are not yet included, certainly safer than scooters.

Kinto: who he is, numbers and perspectives

Kinto is a word that derives from Kintoun, the cloud on which Dragonball, a character from a famous Japanese cartoon, moves and identifies the third global brand of Toyota Motor Company. The company was born in Japan in 2019. The year following the arrival in Europe and in 2021 the birth of Kinto Italia, which brings together all the financial, mobility and insurance activities so far provided by specific companies.

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