Home Business Kirkies: Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks are weak and fluctuating, the market is still testing the bottom process_Position

Kirkies: Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks are weak and fluctuating, the market is still testing the bottom process_Position

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Original title: Kirkies: Weak and volatile markets in Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks are still in the process of testing the bottom

Rongwei Securities believes that, technically, the Shanghai Index is still in the bottom-finding stage, and the short-term and medium-term moving averages are still falling, forming a short position. In the last 3 trading days, the Shanghai Index has bottomed out and rebounded, but it still failed to reach the 5-day moving average. The amount of energy has been enlarged today, and we can see that the divergence between longs and shorts near the 5-day moving average of the Shanghai Index has increased. Although technology stocks are active in the rebound, it is still difficult to conceal the strong risk aversion in the market. In addition to the inflow of funds on the market to some of the strong stocks in the technology, resources and energy sectors, it is still for white horses, growth, financial weights and most blue chip stocks. Outflow state. It is comprehensively judged that the market short position is difficult to reverse in the short term, and the market is still in the process of testing the bottom. It is recommended to reduce the position in hand and wait for the signal of the bottom.

Bairuiying pointed out that strategically, the current market is still in a stage of turbulence and bottoming. The repeated ups and downs of the index are a normal performance. You don’t need to pay too much attention to it. Generally speaking, if there are no major negatives, the market The possibility of a sharp drop before it appears is unlikely. Over the next weekend, continue to pay attention to changes in the news, maintain a good attitude in operation, do not increase positions at will, focus on the choice of hotspot directions, and prepare for the layout after stabilization.

Yuanda pointed out that looking forward to next week, after the recent sustained decline, the risk of individual stocks in the market will be more fully released. Therefore, it is unlikely that the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets will continue to decline next week. The Shanghai Stock Index is likely to fluctuate horizontally around 3,400 points, and the ChiNext Index is expected to maintain an upward trend of fluctuations and continue to challenge the 3,500 points. In terms of operating strategy, continue to maintain control positions at around 50%. At the same time, the mid-line positions continue to be equipped with the four core tracks of lithium batteries, semiconductor chips, photovoltaics, and military industry on dips. Among them, the low-level high-quality military industry standards that have just been launched can focus on the layout. At the same time, in short-term positions, appropriate attention can be paid to anti-epidemic stocks, such as in vitro testing, antiviral drugs, and disinfection and protection products.Return to Sohu to see more


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