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ļ½ӣԴҵ – OFweek﮵

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ļ½ӣԴҵ – OFweek﮵

峵Ϣ523 գ½ӷһϵйƣļŽͨίбȨķʽʱŵнӹ½ӵĿȨ



Դ ͼ:

1968ļєΪһҼ ܼ Ҿӡ ¥ Ƽҵ Զ ֻ ҵΪһȫ򻯿Ƽš³ĻҵȺоͲ Ե غ ѹΪĵD:㲿ƷƷ漰ϵͳȹϵͳ͸Զʻϵͳ


£ IJˮáͱáѹESP 㲿

2021 㲿ʽ ϵͳȹϵͳԶʻϵͳʽͶ˰ڵ ​​5Ʒеϵͳȹϵͳ͸Զʻϵͳ 絵IJƷѾȫϳԣΪڶҳ㲿Ӧ̡

2³Ͷ110Ԫ ڰ 콨 Դ 㲿 ս »أ ûҪ t Դ 綯 ѹ Դ ƷƷȹ ܼʻ ϵͳзļҼʵҡĿɺγ6000 ܣʵ ֵ 400 Ԫ




˵ǽԴϵͳô½й֡ IJ ֡

½һܵܡԴӪ ۺ Դ ṩļϵͳҵ 䲿 ҵ պ Ĵǰ չ ĺϿγɻһҵ ܺ ԴԴ һͥ Դ:

ܡ ĵӪҵҵϣγɴӵȡ ܡ õ 磨 Դͥ ҵ

һ عɹɶ һ £ ½ӳƣ˾Ϊȵ Դ ۺ Ϸ̣ͬʱҲǹ 봢 ϵͳҵ ֮ һ ​​߱ʵ ļгӵо ޴ ķ չ DZļ¹˾Ȩdz ڶ Դ ҵ͹˾ չ ǰĿá

ļ⁇ ƣ Դ ĵȼ ڶ⁇ ˺ҵϲͻƵĹ⁇ ˺ҵϲͻƵĹ ؼ򡣴 ܲ ҵϹ ҵϹ սԷ򣬿ռ½ Ӿ ߱ ڹ 봢 ĿȫҵĴ ĿȫҵĴ IJ IJϵͳBMSԴϵͳEMSʹܱPCS½ܴٽҵЭͬʵԴ

END 糵 2022524

:ı:⁇ Դ⁇ ҵ

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