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La Russa: “Whoever soiled the Senate should shovel mud in Emilia Romagna”

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La Russa: “Whoever soiled the Senate should shovel mud in Emilia Romagna”

Ignazio la Russa attacks Last Generation activists: “Let them go shovel mud in Emilia Romagna”

The eternal clash between the government and the activists of Last generation continues. While some militants are on trial for smearing the facade of Palazzo Madama (seat of the Senate) with orange paint as a form of protest against climate change, now the president of the Senate Ignatius LaRussaafter announcing that the institution would bring a civil action, launches a provocation.

They go for at least a week as volunteers in Emilia-Romagna – says the second office of the State to theAnsa – and certify their active work to shovel mud and help eliminate flood damage. I will try to convince the Senate to withdraw the civil action against them having given proof of wanting to actually do something for the environment. I said I was not against meeting the boys who are accused of having defaced the facade of Palazzo Madama, but then the request was not followed up”.

But the reply from those directly involved was not long in coming: “We of Last Generation are already in Emilia Romagna shoveling mud. We are among the people who are providing relief. Ordinary citizens without flags, we are not looking for visibility, ”he replies via beraking latest news, Maria Letizia Ruello, activist of the ecological group. “It is a cowardly blackmail“, he underlines. “La Russa tells us: be good and I will take away your punishment. Last generation – she insists – is already in Emilia-Romagna, but you don’t see it. My son is there, shoveling. He’s one of many. We are a very small avant-garde. If 20 people sit on the asphalt of the Gra to block traffic, you will notice. If 20 people go shoveling you won’t notice“.

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