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Lake Maggiore, a whirlwind capsizes a boat: 2 dead and missing

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Lake Maggiore, a whirlwind capsizes a boat: 2 dead and missing

Whirlwind on Lake Maggiore, dead and missing. youtube stopframe photo

Lake Maggiore, two people are sought in the water: twenty are safe

Yesterday evening, one air horn hit a boat on the Lake Maggiorethe balance sheet is tragic: two dead make sure and two missing, saving the other twenty people who were on board. The tragedy occurred in front of Lisanza, in the municipality of Sesto Calende. On the boat was a group of 24 people, 22 passengers and two crew members. About twenty – reports the Corriere della Sera – were saved swimming to the shore: one party swam to the beach of Piccalunga, the others up to Lisanza. At the moment there are two confirmed victims and two other people are missing. They arrived at the scene immediately rescuersboth the specialists of the aquatic rescue.

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Six ambulances, four medical cars and an air ambulance from Como reached the scene of the accident. The president of Lombardy Fontanaas soon as he heard the news he wrote a post on Facebook: “A whirlwind caused a very serious accident on Lake Maggiore: a 16-metre sailboat rented by tourists capsized. The firefighters of the Milan diving unit are at work on the spot together with the Coast Guard, to the emergency services and to the ambulances of Areu. Nineteen people have already been rescued, unfortunately there are reports of some missing people. I follow with apprehension the updates of the rescue teams on site which I thank”.

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