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Lamborghini Urus Se, the SUV becomes an 800 hp plug-in hybrid. The debut at the Beijing Motor Show

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Lamborghini Urus Se, the SUV becomes an 800 hp plug-in hybrid.  The debut at the Beijing Motor Show

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The Urus turns the page by adopting a hybrid powertrain on tap, the second to join the Lamborghini line up, and renewing itself outside, inside and under the bodywork to fully match the new engine. The Urus Se, although already on pre-sale at a price of 216,000 euros, plus taxes, will be marketed towards the end of the year when it will take the place of the Performante and S versions.

Lamborghini Urus Se has two hearts ready to face any situation

The electrification of the Urus is based on the re-engineering of the 4-litre twin-turbo V8 to work in optimal synergy with the electric motor placed upstream of the eight-speed automatic transmission and deliver 800 horsepower together with a torque of 950 Nm. L The electric unit which acts both as a boost and as a traction element is powered by a 25.9 kWh lithium ion battery located under the boot floor above the new electronically controlled differential, promising to ensure the possibility of driving electrically for more than 60 kilometers. The potential of the new powertrain determines a weight/power of 3.13 kg/hp and pushes the Urus Se up to 312 per hour and to the milestones of 100 and 200 per hour in times of 3″4 and 11″2 respectively .

Lamborghini Urus Se, plug-in hybrid super-suv photos

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The optimal use of the new engine in every situation is guaranteed by the numerous car configurations since on the Urus If the dedicated strategies are added to those already known (Strada, Sport and Corsa for use on road and track, Snow, Sand and Terra) to electrification: the Ev Drive for electric traction only up to more than 130 per hour, the Hybrid selectable with the Road mode, the Performance which can also be used with the Sand and Terra configurations, as well as the Recharge. Depending on the mode set, the car’s ground clearance changes, varying from -15 mm in the Corsa mode up to +75 mm when the lifting system is activated compared to the normal road setting, in addition to the parameters that regulate steering, handling and mapping. and sound of the Audi-sourced twin-turbo V8. The Urus Se also adopts electronic pneumatic suspensions recalibrated compared to those of the other versions and a new central transfer case of the continuously electronically controlled four-wheel drive with electro-hydraulically regulated multi-plate clutch which distributes the driving torque in a variable and continuous way between the axle front and rear. The transfer case works in synergy with the new rear electronically controlled self-locking differential, making the car oversteer on demand and giving the feeling of a thoroughbred super sports car.

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Lamborghini Urus Se, renewed look to optimize aerodynamics

The Urus Se stands out from other versions for its updated line, above all to optimize aerodynamic efficiency. The design enhances the dynamics of the shapes, underlining the car’s sporty character and muscularity. The front section features a new front bonnet with a floating design: the absence of the cut line creates a sense of stylistic continuity and amplifies the athletic style of the Urus Se, recalling the stylistic canons introduced by the Revuelto. Also new are the bumper, the front grille and the Matrix LED headlights, which introduce a new light signature inspired by the tail of the Lamborghini brand’s Bull. The rear part is completely new and offers an element of continuity inspired by the Gallardo which harmonizes the lines by connecting the light clusters with Y-shaped headlights and the new rear diffuser which together with the new spoiler increases the downforce by 35% compared to that of the Urus S and increase stability. New air outlets on the bottom and renewed ducts which convey greater air flows for cooling the mechanics, engine and brakes also address aerodynamic efficiency.

Lamborghini Urus Se, redesigned cockpit

The furnishings of the Urus Se offer a renewed dashboard that draws inspiration from that of the Revuelto hypercar and also integrates a new mechanical button panel inspired by avionics. At the center of the placnia stands a 12.3″ inch display with an intuitive interface and new graphics. The updating of the environment extended to the redefinition of the air conditioning vents, the anodized aluminum inserts and the coverings of the panels, seats and dashboard.

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