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Land Rover Defender P400e and V8: how they are, how they go and how much they cost

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Double debut in the Defender family: the P400e plug-in hybrid and the V8 P525, the most powerful version ever, arrive. These proposals complement the Defender family in different ways. In fact, the P400e is aimed at those who flaunt their attention to consumption and their eco-friendly nature, while the P525 winks at those who do not mind these things at all and want to show off an exclusive Defender. In practice, one is the “saint” of the party and the other the devil.

Land Rover Defender P400e and V8, very different but also very similar
Beyond the personalities, these two new Defenders are linked by a fil-rouge consisting of both the indispensable ability not to be scared in front of any obstacle like all the others in the family, even if this possibility for many versions reaches the top only by opting for advanced technologies dedicated to this purpose, both from the novelties of the 2022 series. In the first instance, there is the infotainment update that can come to have an 11.4 “touchscreen, which has a new graphic interface that simplifies the use thanks to the ability to customize the home page and is always and extensively connected. The system also provides for the OTA update of the navigator’s maps which, for its part, avoids giving voice instructions when the route includes known sections. Then there is the enrichment of the Adas battery, which certifies the semi-autonomous driving at advanced level 2.


The photos of the Defender test, the V8 P525

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Land Rover Defender P400e, with the plug the functionality drops a bit
The plug-in hybrid Defender, for sale, at prices ranging from 77,000 to 110,000 euros, is present only among the robust 110 versions. The reason is simple: for this model that weighs more than 2.6 tons, a battery has been chosen. rather large lithium ions, which on the more compact 90 could not have found a place. It should also be said that, precisely because of the rear-mounted battery, the 110 P400e cannot be chosen with the interior configured for seven people. The battery is placed under the boot, creates a step in the support surface but, substantially, does not greatly reduce the usability of the compartment. Indeed, the capacity ranges from 853 to 2,127 liters. Inside the hood of the P400e is the powertrain that the Jaguar Land Rover group has developed for the larger plug-in hybrid models. The system offers a total output of 404 horsepower and a cup of 640 Nm. The electric unit is powered by a 19.2 kWh lithium-ion battery, which recharges to 80% in times ranging from two to seven hours and which promises an electric range of 43 kilometers.

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Land Rover Defender P400e plug-in hybrid, the photos of the test

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Land Rover Defender 110 P400e, come va
By default, the P400e runs in a hybrid configuration, leaving the electronics to orchestrate what the gasoline and electric engines have to do. If the battery is sufficiently charged, it is quite easy to use just the electric unit, which moves the mass of the Defender 110 with zeal but without particular panache. In any case, in an urban environment, the eco-friendly character of this Defender can be exploited quite easily, especially since the energy that is spent in the stop & go gear is recovered in a good percentage in the slowdowns. On the other hand, when the P400e is a pure hybrid it behaves like the others. In fact, it offers an appreciable comfort and driveability that does not cause anxiety in terms of reliability, but it is not surprising for the agility that is also affected by the mass that exceeds 2,600 kg.

Land Rover Defender 110 V8 P525, almost incognito exclusivity
The flagship V8 P525 is something else entirely. This version powered by the 5-liter V8 with 525 horsepower and 625 Nm of torque, which drives some Range Rovers, recalls Defenders of the past pulled in limited editions powered by engines of similar architecture, but far less powerful. The P525 is on sale at prices ranging from 127,000 to 137,000 euros in the short and long variants, also in the exclusive Carpathian Edition version. The latter makes the exclusivity of the model more recognizable, since the few aesthetic traits that really characterize the V8 P525 (the four large terminals that emerge under the tail and the blue brake calipers) also combine specific color combinations of the bodywork. Furthermore, in the equipment it integrates particular elements, the most useful seems to us the transparent anti-scratch wrapping of the bodywork, which in the passenger compartment makes the presentation even more luxurious, already based on the extensive use of fine leather.

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