Home Business Landini: “It is a slap in the face to go back to firing as soon as there is a recovery”. On tenders: “Obtained what requested”

Landini: “It is a slap in the face to go back to firing as soon as there is a recovery”. On tenders: “Obtained what requested”

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MILANO – Having collected the bulk of what the union was asking for on the procurement front by the Simplifications and Governance decree of the Pnrr, the secretary of the Cbil, Maurizio Landini, asked to reopen the discussion on the issue of the blocking of layoffs: remove the block as soon as a glimpse of a some economic recovery “is a slap in the face of the world of work,” he says In half an hour more. “If the government wants to change this country, it must do so by involving the world of work”, he adds, hoping that the confrontation with the trade unions will become a method: “On simplifications – recalls Landini – we had to take to the streets and threaten to be summoned”.

Freezing of layoffs: “Reopen the comparison”

“There is disagreement on the blocking of layoffs” and we need to “reopen the confrontation with the government”, he explains on Rai 3. “We are seeing that it is not the blocking of layoffs that prevents the recovery and companies from hiring and growing. that we propose is to keep the limit until October 31 for everyone and in these months we are reforming the social safety nets “. Only in this way, explains the trade unionist, will it be possible to “leave no one behind” and avoid “social anger”. “We are not asking for a crazy thing”, he continues, highlighting the data released yesterday by Confindustria on the rebound in GDP: “It is not the blocking of layoffs that prevents growth”.

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Dl Simplifications: for Pnrr contracts, 30% share reserved for women and young people

by Rosaria Amato

Procurement: “Now the points license”

On the simplification bill, “we were able to discuss governance and procurement. On the rest there are matters that we will deepen” he explains. “On subcontracting we have brought some results home”, first of all “the same treatment of subcontract workers” compared to those of the main contractor, in both economic and regulatory terms. Now, he adds, it is necessary “to reduce the number of contracting stations, qualify them and make recruitments”, because “it becomes decisive for the projects”. In Italy, he remarks, “there are 39,000 contracting stations, in Germany 3,000”.

Recovery, powers strengthened to avoid delays. Awards to companies that close their jobs earlier

by Raffaele Ricciardi

Looking at the things that need to be fixed, “it is necessary to introduce a points license for companies. Those who respect the rules must have incentives, but if they are not respected, especially those on safety, the company must not participate in tenders and must not work” . And on all the investments of the NRP, it is necessary to “give priority to young people, women and the South”, hoping that the obligation to recruit 30 per cent for young people and women will be effective.


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