Home Business Large-scale increase in frequency, many pharmaceutical companies are now raising funds to accelerate the research and development of innovative drugs_Sina Finance_Sina.com

Large-scale increase in frequency, many pharmaceutical companies are now raising funds to accelerate the research and development of innovative drugs_Sina Finance_Sina.com

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Large-scale increase in frequency, many pharmaceutical companies are now raising funds to accelerate the research and development of innovative drugs_Sina Finance_Sina.com

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  Original title A number of pharmaceutical companies will raise funds to accelerate the research and development of innovative drugs

Wen Niming

Data shows that as of July 27, 32 listed pharmaceutical companies have launched additional issuance plans this year, with a total of 34.082 billion yuan to be raised; 15 companies have completed the fixed increase plan, and the actual total raised funds is nearly 32 billion yuan.

  Large rated frequency boost

On the evening of July 26,Fosun PharmaAnnounced the “Report on the Issuance of Non-Public Issuance of A Shares”. The actual number of shares issued this time is about 107 million shares, the issue price is 42.00 yuan per share, and the total amount of funds raised is 4.484 billion yuan. After deducting the issuance expenses, the net amount of funds raised The amount is 4.456 billion yuan.

The target of Fosun Pharma’s fixed increase was finally determined to be 10, including Gao Yi Assets, Caitong Fund, China Asset Management,CITIC SecuritiesHuatai Securitiesand other well-known institutions, of which Gao Yi Assets ranked first with a distribution amount of 2 billion yuan.

In early March, innovative pharmaceutical companiesJunshi BiologyThe large rated increase of -U has attracted market attention. The company plans to issue no more than 70 million shares to specific objects, and plans to raise no more than 3.98 billion yuan. The company announced in June that the amount of funds to be raised was revised to 3.969 billion yuan.

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State-owned listed pharmaceutical companies have accelerated the pace of fixed growth. April 6,Shanghai PharmaceuticalsIt was disclosed that a total of 853 million A-shares were issued this time, the issue price was 16.39 yuan per share, the total amount of funds raised was 13.975 billion yuan, and the net amount of funds raised after deducting issuance costs was 13.932 billion yuan.

The target of this private placement of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals is Shanghai Tandong, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai SIIC, the controlling shareholder of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, and strategic investors.Yunnan Baiyaothe two subscribed 187 million shares and 666 million shares of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals’ non-public offering this time with cash of 3.065 billion yuan and 10.91 billion yuan respectively, with a lock-up period of 36 months.

  Carry out innovative drug research and development

The reporter found that increasing innovation and research and development is the main purpose of most pharmaceutical companies for fixed increase.

The investment projects of Fosun Pharma this time include preparations for the clinical trial of innovative drugs, the introduction of licensing and product launch, the construction of an intensive and comprehensive base for APIs and preparations, and the replenishment of working capital; it plans to invest RMB 1.874 billion, RMB 1.349 billion and RMB 1.349 billion respectively. 1.26 billion yuan.

In the field of innovative drugs, Fosun Pharma’s fixed increase involves a total of 11 sub-projects, including FCN-437, ferric citrate pyrophosphate solution (Triferic), FS-1502, FCN-159, liraglutide, etc. In the field of APIs, this fundraising project is positioned as an intensive, large-capacity product manufacturing and a comprehensive production base for innovative drugs and special preparations.

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  Sinolink SecuritiesZhao Haichun, chief analyst, said that in the research and development of innovative drugs, Fosun Pharma has formed a multi-level cooperation model such as independent research and development, cooperative development, licensing introduction, and deep incubation, so as to quickly enter innovative products with clinical needs and further enrich the company’s innovative drugs. pipeline to improve market competitiveness. In addition, the “integration of raw materials and preparations” can better cope with the pressure of price reduction and take advantage of cost advantages in the environment of centralized procurement.

The fixed increase of Junshi Bio-U also focuses on innovative drug research and development projects. It plans to invest 3.671 billion yuan in raised funds, and the other 298 million yuan will be used for the Shanghai Junshi Biotechnology headquarters and R&D base projects.

Specifically, the research and development of Junshi Bio-U innovative drugs includes the follow-up domestic and overseas clinical research and development of JS001 (targeting PD-1), domestic and overseas Phase III clinical research and development of JS004 (targeting BTLA), and domestic and overseas JS111 (targeting EGFR). External clinical research and development projects.

  Cardiovascular MedicineIt was announced on July 25 that it plans to issue shares to specific objects, and the total amount of funds raised will not exceed 2.547 billion yuan, of which 1.83 billion yuan is planned to be invested in the global headquarters and innovation and industrialization base projects.

  Policies encourage innovation

On July 13, the Beijing Medical Insurance Bureau issued a notice (for trial implementation) on the management measures for the payment of new drugs and new technologies for CHS-DRG payment, clarifying that innovative drugs that meet the relevant conditions,innovative medicalDevices and innovative diagnosis and treatment projects can obtain exempted payment through declaration, and pay separately and according to the facts.

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The conditions that need to be met for application include: new generic drugs that have been marketed within three years, drugs that have undergone major changes due to increased functions or indications within three years, and drugs that have been newly included in the National Medical Insurance Drug List within three years; clinical effects are greater than traditional drugs. It has a great impact on the payment standard of the DRG disease group, etc.

According to Essence International Research Report, policy support encourages innovation. In the past, most of the policies were based on cost control and price reduction. DRG belongs to the total amount control, which is not clinically conducive to the high volume of innovative drugs with high prices. This time the exclusion payment policy is conducive to accelerating the volume of innovative varieties with high clinical value.

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