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Lazio elections, after the alliance Zinga fears the 5S: last minute appeal to vote

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Lazio elections, after the alliance Zinga fears the 5S: last minute appeal to vote

Zingaretti and the split vote. Further troubles for Donatella Bianchi committed to making Virginia Raggi forget

“We loved each other so much”, no title like that of Ettore Scola’s cinematic masterpiece can better suit thelatest announcement by Nicola Zingaretti: “I respect all candidates but there is only one candidacy that can stop the right from returning and that is to Alessio D’Amato because the single-round majority electoral system does not award silver medals but only one wins and the competition is between Rocca and D’Amato. All the other votes for the nominations are unfortunately noble attempts at representation but have no effect on the victory. So the appeal that I make, with absolute respect for pluralism and alliances, is also vote for the lists you want but then vote for the president who can stop the return of the right”.

Lost love is the one between Zingaretti and Conte which was once called as a military operation, “enlarged field” and not “flooded”, although the conditions are all there. But let’s rewind the tape. Zingaretti, after being secretary of the Democratic Party and president of the Lazio Region, has finally reached the coveted position of parliamentarian, the commitment of a lifetime, and greeted everyone leaving shack and puppets.

However, he could not do without an invitation to separate voting by supporting D’Amato, familiarly called Mister Covid for his vaccination commitment. It is a nice kick in the shins to his former friend Giuseppe Conte who, when they were both in power, had dreamed of precisely the wide field and that is a strategic and not only tactical alliance between the Democratic Party and the Five Stars.

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Then the Mourinho government fell, that is the yellow – red one, Draghi arrived and Conte, having lost the premiership, quickly reconverted to the destructive opposition to save the Five Stars in both vertical and free fall. In this laborious activity Conte, as is well known, launched a takeover bid on the Democratic Party some time ago, precisely at the moment of greatest weakness of the Democratic Party.

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