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Lbx makes its debut: Lexus enters a new market and launches the challenge of premium compact SUVs

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Lbx makes its debut: Lexus enters a new market and launches the challenge of premium compact SUVs

Lexus extends its range with the LBX full hybrid crossover: the first compact model in its history. The new urban crossover redefines the strategy of the Toyota group’s premium brand, which in recent months has already been “shaken” by the native electric SUV-coupe Rz 450e. In both cases, the evolution of the lineage was propitiated by that of the Toyota mother. However, the LBX is far more important than the electric SUV.

Lexus Lbx, aggressive model

The new compact crossover, which was born on components derived from those used by the Toyota Yaris family and which can be pre-ordered in the coming weeks, when it arrives in February next year, will project the brand into the fastest growing sector everywhere: that of urban crossovers. A context that, with the complicity of the costs associated with the development of electric models, the premium brands are gradually abandoning to concentrate on larger-sized cars, which allow the high cost of electron powertrains and large batteries to be better camouflaged in the final price. If this trend continues, Lexus could therefore remain the only premium brand in the compact sector, offering itself as an alternative to generalist ones with a full-hybrid crossover. A technology that, among other things, not all generalist brands offer, especially since many of them still do not even offer electrified SUVs and crossovers, even in a light way.

Lexus Lbx, elegant and dynamic line

Based on the Ga-B platform also used by the Yaris Cross crossover but revised by Lexus to give its compact crossover the brand’s DNA in terms of comfort and dynamism as well as driving feeling, the Lbx is 4.19 meters long, 1.82 wide meters and 1.54 meters high. Except for the width, the Lbx has classic compact car measurements. The bodywork design also introduces new stylistic features especially in the front for the canons of the brand, which will also be used for future Lexus, and gives the car a more authoritative appearance than its dimensions suggest. The line is personal, refined as well as balanced thanks to the relationship between the proportions and is defined by combining the rounded surfaces that also generate muscular traits typically from high wheels with solutions that accentuate the horizontal development of the bodywork, which contribute to making the Lbx look more important than it really is.

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Lexus Lbx, refined interior

Perhaps even more than outside, inside the Lbx, the DNA of the Lexus emerges massively. The refined furnishing style is confirmed by the accurate finish and the extensive use of precious materials and defines an elegant dashboard, which connects softly with the door panels and with the central console, thanks also to the 9.8” display of the navigation system. infotainment placed in such a way as to appear to have vertical development although, in reality, almost square in shape. The system allows OTA updates and integrates voice assistant, cloud-based navigation, wired or wireless connectivity for Apple CarPlay but, strangely, only wired for Android Auto. The digitization of the cockpit is completed by the configurable cockpit which is the first of Lexus in 12.3” and can be completed on request by the head-up display. The ergonomics appear to have been taken care of and this factor is also reflected in a simple gimmick: the door handles that push to open so as to accompany the movement of the door towards the outside of the Lbx. The environment offers adequate space for four people and can be customized by opting for four atmospheres based on extensive color combinations and different fine leather upholstery. These are the Elegant and the Relax oriented towards refinement and the Emotion and the Cool, which turn the look of the environment towards sportiness.

Lexus Lbx, the X-ray

Presenting the Lbx well in advance of the marketing period, the Lexus reveals only some of the salient features of the compact crossover which, among other things, like the “cousin” Yaris Cross will be offered with both front-wheel drive and electrified all-wheel drive . As anticipated, the Lbx exploits technologies of the Toyota model such as the platform and the full-hybrid powertrain combined with the variable ratio gearbox, but both revisited. The interventions on the architecture have redefined in particular the center of gravity and width of the tracks, while those on the propulsive formed by a 1.5-litre three-cylinder Atkinson cycle petrol engine and in the case of the front-wheel drive Lbx by an electric unit have brought a balancer shaft to the petrol unit which puts out vibrations and increased power from 130 to 136 horsepower with specific electronics settings, but without remodulating the 185 Nm torque. The electric motor is powered by the new generation of batteries developed by the Toyota group for full-hybrid models, also nickel – metal hydride but high density. Among the other features revealed in the reveal of the Lbx there are also the most recent and complete series of Lexus Adas and some qualifying options such as the air purification system, the remote parking mode and the Mark hi-fi system Levinson.

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