Home Business “Leader” suspension of stocks connected to the board ebb and multi-boards broke out!What should investors do at the end of the year?

“Leader” suspension of stocks connected to the board ebb and multi-boards broke out!What should investors do at the end of the year?

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On December 22, the three major A-share indexes diverged. As of the close,The Shanghai Composite IndexFell 0.07% to 3,622.62 points;Shenzhen Component IndexRose 0.70% to 14,791.33 points;Growth Enterprise Market IndexIt rose 0.55% to 3,368.70 points.

On the board, A sharesthemeStocks continue to rotate, the concept of meta universe is hot, packaging,GasThe sector strengthened and pork stocks rose.

  Multi-subject rounds

The meta-universe concept is active again,Zhongzhuang ConstructionRoman sharesOFILMBauing sharesWait for the daily limit.

Bull stocks in the meta-universe sector frequently appeared,Xuanya InternationalRoman sharesBauing sharesBauing sharesWait for the continuous daily limit,Xuanya InternationalThe gains have more than doubled in the past 8 trading days.

  AppleThe concept of industrial chain has risen sharply. The data shows that as of the close,Jingyan TechnologyRose more than 13%,Changxin TechnologyAn increase of nearly 12%,Anjie TechnologyDesai batteryCorson TechnologyDaily limitLuxshare PrecisionSoared 5.03%, and the latest market value was reported at 337 billion yuan.

  Gas, The oil sector pulled up. As of the close,GasIn terms of sectors,Guoxin EnergyXinjiang TorchChase GasWait for the daily limit,Changchun GasGuizhou GasShenzhen GasWait for the gains to be higher; in the oil sector,Shouhua GasUp 11.05%,Renzhi sharesYueyang XingchangDaily limit.

It is worth noting that among the above-mentioned strong sectors, many of the top gainers are all low-priced stocks. Take the meta universe as an example,Zhongzhuang ConstructionOFILM, Bauing shares are all below 10 yuan.

  Connected stocks ebb

Popular connected stocks began to ebb.

There have been several consecutive daily limitKingsoftLanke High-techYueling sharesToday are all reported lower limit,Fengfan sharesFell 9.81%,Fulin Transport IndustryFell 9.61%.

On the news, on the evening of November 21, the daily limit for 16 consecutive trading days since the listingThree sheepannouncementSuspensionVerification.

  What to do at the end of the year

Looking forward to the future,Soochow SecuritiesIt is believed that there is a certain rebound in the current market, but the amount of rebound can be small. Investors can take profit at rallies, reduce their positions, and gradually increase their positions after waiting for the market to stabilize effectively.

YuekaiSecuritiesSaid that in the long run, in the context of the continued opening of the capital market and the gradual increase in the attractiveness of A-shares, the continued inflow of northbound funds has a significant boost to the recovery of market sentiment and the increase in risk appetite, which will help A-shares stage a new year’s market. .

People’s livelihoodSecuritiesThink that A shares areshareholderThe ability to create returns will not decline, and investors should abandon short-term games. It is recommended to pay attention to the fields of steel, coal, new power system construction (intelligent distribution network, energy storage, integrated energy services), power and non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper). In 2022,Bank, The crude oil chain (oil transportation, oil service), gold and the theme of rural revitalization will be important main lines.

(Source: ChinaSecuritiesNewspaper)


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