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Lease the VW Taigo privately: This cheap offer is worth it

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Lease the VW Taigo privately: This cheap offer is worth it

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In 2020, Volkswagen added a new car to its fleet: the Taigo. The SUV coupe (which is a coupe-shaped SUV) was first launched in Brazil before hitting Europe in 2021. The taigo is in four equipment lines available between 95 and 150 hp bid and it on a Top speed from 183 to 212 km/h create.

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How much does the Taigo cost?

The list price for the VW Taigo starts at 21.590,00 for the cheapest version. The most expensive trim level is from 30,400.00 euros available.

Lease the VW Taigo: This is the best offer

The alternative to buying: Leasing. As a result, drivers benefit from advantages such as manageable costs at the initial purchase, higher planning security and one low risk (especially with regard to residual value and resale).

The fitting There is an offer for this at Leasing Marktwhere private customers can Volkswagen Taigo in Move 1.0 TSI version for only Lease 199.00 euros per month can*. Die Term is 48 months at an annual Mileage of 10,000 kilometers. The SUV is also available for commercial leasing under the same conditions. The monthly rate for tradespeople is slightly lower: only 167.23 euros net.

Private leasing deal for the Taigo: These additional costs are added

As with (almost) all leasing deals, there is also an offer for the Taigo with this one extra costs. So another falls one-off payment of 999.00 euros for the transfer of the vehicle. Optionally, a one-off down payment can be made, which makes the monthly leasing rate a little cheaper.

Lease VW Taigo: The conditions at a glance

Target group: Private and commercial leasing
Duration: 48 Fun
Mileage: 10,000 kilometers a year
Monthly Rate: 199,00 Euro
Extra costs: one-time fee of 999.00 euros for the transfer of the vehicle
special payment: no
Leasingfaktor: 0,76
Total cost factor: 0,84

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Is the leasing offer for the VW Taigo worth it?

Interested parties pay within the framework of this private leasing deal over the 48-month term and with the additional costs a total of 10,551.00 euros for the VW Taigo. The list price for the SUV coupé in the Move 1.0 TSI version is 26,265.00 euros, from which the Leasingfaktor 0,76 and the Total cost factor 0.84 result. Reminder: The two values ​​help to evaluate leasing offers and make them comparable. are they lying below the value oneusually from a very attractive leasing offer to be run out. For this reason alone, the deal from Leasing Markt is worth it.

In addition, we could in our Leasing-Rechner no cheaper offer for the Taigo find. The leasing calculator always lists the best deals for the various vehicles. Therefore the Taigo costs up to 666.00 euros from other providers (but with better equipment).

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What can the Taigo do?

What does the Taigo from the offer have to offer? The most important Key data for Volkswagen Taigo Move 1.0 TSI* we have collected here:

list price: 26.265,00 Euro
Drive: Petrol
Circuit: manually
Perfomance: 95 PS (70 Kilowatts)
Top speed: up to 183 km/h
Fuel Consumption: combined 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers
CO2 emissions: combined 108 grams per kilometer
Furnishing: Parking assistance, lane departure warning, automatic climate control, multifunction steering wheel, emergency brake assistant, rain sensor, on-board computer, automatic start/stop, drowsiness warning system, tire pressure monitoring system and more
Color: Grau
Delivery time: about nine months

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