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Lease VW Golf for your business: The current top deal!

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Lease VW Golf for your business: The current top deal!

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That the VW Golf still at a distance the most popular car in Germany is shouldn’t surprise anyone. This is what distinguishes the produced for almost 50 years compact class through her Cult Designtheir high safety standardsyour driving comforther versatility and especially theirs reliability out of. No wonder, then, that the car introduced in 1974 is now in its eighth generation. Do you also want to convince yourself of the favorite car of the Germans? Then you could this cheap commercial leasing offer for the Golf* interested…

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Offer: Here you can lease the VW Golf commercially

We used our leasing calculator to find cheap offers for the VW Golf. We have a deal with particularly exciting conditions bei Null Leasing discovered. There is the popular compact class in the Commercial leasing for only 284.41 euros per month*. Die Term is only 18 months and the Mileage is 10,000 kilometers per year (i.e. a total of 15,000 kilometers over the one and a half year period). In addition to the monthly rate, this offer also includes a one-off payment: 979.99 euros for the provision of the VW Golf.

The most important commercial leasing conditions for the VW Golf at a glance

  • vehicle: VW Golf 2.0 TSI OPF DSG GTI
  • gross list price: 42.815,00 Euro
  • target group: commercial leasing
  • Duration: 18 Fun
  • mileage: 10,000 kilometers a year
  • Monthly Rate: 284,41 Euro
  • deployment costs: 979,99 Euro
  • special payment: no
  • Leasingfaktor: 0,66
  • total cost factor: 0,79
  • delivery time: about ten months
  • Delivery: Work completion
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Leasing a VW Golf commercially: Is the deal worth it?

Our leasing calculator, which collects and evaluates various leasing deals from different providers no better Commercial leasing offer for the VW Golf* found. For that reason alone, this deal is worth it. In addition, however, that also the Leasing and the total cost factor can let see. Both values ​​are well below one. This is an indication of a very good offer. So it’s twice as worth striking here!

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Are you looking for a different car or for private leasing offers? Ours will help you with that too Leasing-Rechner! Simply fill out the search criteria according to your preferences and then scroll through the results.

What can the Golf from the commercial leasing offer do?

Given its undisputed bestseller status, we probably don’t need to explain why VW Golf the perfect car for your business is. Nevertheless, we have the most important information about the Golf from the Deal von Null Leasing* listed here again:

  • drive: Gasoline
  • circuit: Automatic
  • Performance: 245 PS (180 Kilowatts)
  • top speed: up to 250km/h
  • fuel consumption: combined 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers
  • CO2 emissions: combined 149 grams per kilometer
  • Furnishing: freely configurable, Bluetooth, parking aid, touchscreen, speed limiter, on-board computer, tire pressure monitor, air conditioning, multifunction steering wheel, brake assistant and more
  • Color: freely selectable

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