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Leasing an Opel Corsa Electric: Private leasing is so cheap!

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Leasing an Opel Corsa Electric: Private leasing is so cheap!

The Opel Corsa Electric, one of the most popular cars of the year, is currently available for private leasing. PR/Business Insider

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The Opel Corsa is not just the most popular small carbut also one of the most popular cars of the year. This is probably also due to its low price. The small car starts at 19,800.00 euros. The version with an electric motor is significantly more expensive, with a gross list price of at least 34,650.00 euros. Financing methods like Leasing as well as Bonuses such as the so-called environmental bonus ensure However, the Corsa is still affordable as an electric vehicle.

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Lease Opel Corsa Electric privately: Everything you need to know about the deal

A suitable one Offer (with environmental bonus) we have found at leasing market. That’s where it is Corsa-e F available for private leasing for just 139.00 euros*. For comparison: In this version and with this equipment, the electric car would cost 35,650.00 euros. The Duration of this leasing contract 24 Fun at an annual Mileage of 5000 kilometers.

As with most leasing deals, there are additional monthly payments one-time payments in addition. On the one hand, one falls Provision fee of 1095.00 euros at. On the other hand, the dealer receives another one Special payment of 3500.00 euros for the one mentioned at the beginning Environmental bonus. This is one Funding from BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control), which must be reimbursed to the dealer. The full amount can then be requested back. Click here to apply for a refund of the BAFA environmental bonus.

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Here are the most important ones again Key information about the leasing deal at a glance:

Vehicle:Opel Corsa-e FGross list price:35.650,00 EuroTarget group:Private leasingMonthly Rate:139,00 EuroProvision fee:one-off 1095.00 eurosSpecial payment:One-off 3500.00 euros for BAFA environmental bonus (can be refunded)Duration:24 FunMileage:5000 kilometers a yearLeasingfaktor:0,39Total cost factor:0.50 (0.90 with BAFA)

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Is the leasing offer for the Opel Corsa Electric worth it?

Private leasing deals for electric cars less than 200.00 euros cost per month very rare. That could be the case for that reason alone Offer for the Opel Corsa-e F is worthwhile. This is also supported by the fact that our leasing calculator, which compares and sorts the prices from different providers, no cheaper rate for the electric Corsa could find.

In addition, the leasing market offer is also characterized by its excellent leasing factor and overall cost factor out of. These are two values ​​that make deals comparable. Are they lying – like here – below one, they are generally considered very good. So if you want to lease an Opel Corsa-e F now, you should Don’t miss this offer.

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This is what the Opel Corsa Electric offers

What the electric Corsa* has it on it? In the version available here it offers 136 PSwhich up to 150 km/h create. His Range is up to 353 kilometers. Here again the most important information about the performance and features of the Opel Corsa-e F:

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Drive:ElectricPerfomance:136 PS (100 Kilowatts)Circuit:AutomaticMaximum speed:maximum 150 km/hRange:up to 353 kilometersPower consumption:combined 16.1 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometersCO2 emissions:combined 0 grams per kilometerFurnishing:Air conditioning, rain sensor, cruise control, Bluetooth, on-board computer, multifunction steering wheel, automatic start/stop system, parking aid, drowsiness warning system, emergency brake assistant, tire pressure monitoring system, lane departure warning system and moreColor:0 SilverDelivery time:available immediately

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