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Lenovo accelerates its intelligent transformation and brings a number of core technologies to the 2021 World Manufacturing Conference

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Recently, at the 2021 World Manufacturing Conference, a number of manufacturing giants unveiled their self-developed smart manufacturing products.

This time, a number of core technologies in the field of intelligent manufacturing displayed by Lenovo attracted attention.

  “Lianbao” intelligent PC production line incorporates 5G technology

At this exhibition, Lianbao Technology, as a representative of Lenovo’s intelligent manufacturing, released a new intelligent PC production line-“Mercury Line 2.0” during the conference.

According to reports, on the basis of the original high degree of automation, “Mercury Line 2.0” has achieved an industry-leading 50% automation rate. At the same time, with the blessing of 5G technology, it will achieve more flexible and efficient production and help the PC industry to upgrade its intelligent manufacturing.

Corresponding to the Mercury line, Lianbao Technology has another independent research and development network celebrity production line-Nezha line. “Nezha line” is an intelligent industrial interconnection line for motherboards. The production line has intelligent “three heads and six arms”, and the automation rate can reach over 90% of the industry’s leading level. Its brain center has three major functional modules such as in-depth analysis, and supports six auxiliary functions such as intelligent warehousing, engineering technology reengineering, fully automated integration, and intelligent employment mode.

It is understood that Lianbao Technology has been established for ten years, researching and developing technologies including intelligent scheduling and whole-process intelligentization of the production process, realizing the automation of the whole production process, and the lean assembly line is about to reach the top 50% automation rate in the industry.

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  Lenovo accelerates intelligent transformation

Four years ago, Lenovo proposed the 3S transformation in China, and during the transformation, based on the “end-side-cloud-network-intelligence” technology architecture, it created the new IT intelligence engine “Optimus”, and continued to provide services for all walks of life. The industry provides the key middle station needed for intelligent transformation. This time, Lenovo’s intelligent products in the exhibition are the embodiment of strategic execution.

Since 2016, Lenovo has exported its own experience and technical products to partners in the automotive, energy, manufacturing and other industries, including Goss (China),Sany Heavy IndustryThe intelligent solutions provided by Tongkun Group and others have helped Chinese manufacturing change from “world factory” to “world engine”.

In addition, among Lenovo’s many green manufacturing technologies, the Lianbao factory took the lead in the global PC industry to use a low temperature welding process of 170 degrees Celsius, and adopted water-based paint and factory layout.Solar energyBatteryPower generation and other initiatives implement the green concept.

At present, China is at a historical point where the cycle of economic transformation and the cycle of global technological innovation are superimposed. It is urgent to deepen international exchanges and cooperation in manufacturing and promote the high-quality development of global manufacturing. This is exactly the meaning of this World Manufacturing Conference.

(Source: Securities Daily)


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