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Leonardo: strategic partner of the Gcap Italy, UK and Japan programme

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Leonardo: strategic partner of the Gcap Italy, UK and Japan programme

Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom together in a project for the construction of a new generation military air fighter branded Leonardo.

The defense group led by Alessandro Profumo is a strategic partner of the Gcap – Global Combat Air Program – operational since 2035.

This was announced by the company itself, explaining that the program is “aimed at creating a system of next-generation systems for multi-domain operations” and involves Italy, UK and Japan.

Global Combat Air Program: what it is

“The Gcap will involve the entire Italian supply chain starting from universities and research centers up to SMEs and the leading national industries involved. In particular, Italy, UK and Japan – through their respective national industries, Leonardo, Bae Systems e Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – will collaborate in the development of technologies for the sixth generation aerial platform, from a system-of-systems perspective. In addition to Leonardo – present in the program since 2018 with Leonardo UK – the Italian team will be involved Avio Aero, Elettronica and MBDA Italia together with the country’s entire innovative and productive ecosystem”. So reads the note.

As Alessandro Profumo points out, Leonardo’s CEO“the decision of governments to strengthen collaboration with such a strategic program as the Global Combat Air Program is evidence of an effective and promising model of cooperation between the three countries. We are facing one of the most challenging and futuristic programs for the aerospace and defense industry which will guarantee the technological autonomy of the countries involved and provide the Armed Forces with unprecedented performance and operational capabilities. The Global Combat Air Program will also act as a driving force for the development of the national industry in the decades to come, for the benefit of future generations. Thanks to our strong presence in the UK, Leonardo represents two of the partner nations in the programme, namely Italy and the UK.’

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“As Heads of Government of Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom – reads a joint statement by the three governments of Italy, UK and Japan, reported by the Radiocor news agency – we are committed to upholding the free and open international order rules-based, more important than ever at a time when these principles are being challenged and threats and aggression are growing. As the defense of our democracy, our economy, our security and regional stability is ever more important, we need strong defense and security partnerships, underpinned and reinforced by a credible deterrence capability”.

“This program – continues the note – will produce wide-ranging economic and industrial benefits, supporting employment in Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom. It will attract R&D investment in digital design and advanced manufacturing processes. It will provide opportunities for the next generation of highly skilled technicians and engineers. By working together in a spirit of equal partnership, we share the costs and benefits of this investment in our people and technologies. The program will support the sovereign capability of all three countries to design, supply and upgrade state-of-the-art defense aeronautical capabilities, with an eye to the future”.

“This program was designed with our Allies and partners at the center of our attention. Future interoperability with the US, NATO and our partners in Europe, the Indo-Pacific and globally it is reflected in the name we have chosen for our program. This concept will be at the heart of its development. We share the ambition to make this aircraft the centerpiece of a wider air combat system that will operate in multiple domains”.

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