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LeTV’s claim case ushers in new progress. Damaged investors don’t forget to sign up to participate – yqqlm

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(Original title: LeTV’s claim case ushers in new progress, damaged investors don’t forget to register and participate)

There has been new progress in the much-watched LeTV Securities misrepresentation liability dispute.

On May 31, the Beijing Financial Court issued a notice stating that due to the application of the parties and the needs of the case trial, the court has drawn lots to determine and entrusted the China Securities Capital Market Legal Service Center to measure LeTV Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. “LeTV Tui”, stock code 300104) The amount of losses for investors in the securities false statement dispute case. At present, the losses of some registered investors have been calculated, and the announcement is now made; the loss assessment results of about 50 investors that are still being calculated are expected to be completed within this week, and will be announced through the representative litigation platform at that time. Registered investors can download the loss calculation statement on the representative litigation platform. If the investor has any objection to the loss assessment result, please contact the representative and his authorized agent ad litem before June 5, 2023.

Due to the influence of LeTV being investigated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and found to be a false statement, investors initiated a claim lawsuit against the company. According to LeTV’s 2022 annual report, as of December 31, 2022, 11 plaintiffs filed a general representative lawsuit for securities disputes against 23 defendants including LeTV on the grounds of LeTV’s false statements, with a claim amount of 6.38 billion yuan, involving investors. 2491. As of the reporting date, the case has been tried in court, but due to the complexity of the case, the trial has not yet been completed. LeTV has already provided an estimated liability amount of 700 million yuan for this matter on its books.

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Wu Lijun, a lawyer from Shanghai Oriental Cambridge Law Firm, said that the LeTV investors’ claim is still within the statute of limitations.According to the “Securities Law” and related judicial interpretations, those who bought LeTV from July 30, 2010 to July 10, 2017 and still held the stock after the market closed on July 10, 2017 were damaged investments. Those who are eligible to claim. The lawyer reminded that investors who meet the above conditions can sign up to participate through the WeChat public account “Popular Securities News” (feature code: 18).

From the information released by the Beijing Financial Court, it can be seen that in addition to LeTV, Jia Yueting, Jia Yuemin and others, the targets of investors’ lawsuits include Ping An Securities, Zhongtai Securities, Reanda Accounting Firm and other intermediary agencies.

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