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Lexus Electrified Sport: electric cars are also sporty. Working to improve performance

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Lexus Electrified Sport: electric cars are also sporty.  Working to improve performance

More performance and driving pleasure. At the Kenshiki in Brussels, the Lexus brand (luxury brand of the Toyota group) provided an update on the progress of Lexus Electrified, the roadmap for electrification which is based on spreading the culture of electric cars not only linked to the concepts of efficiency and sustainability but also performance, dynamics and driver involvement.

Electrified Sport: the vision of the next electric sports car

The Electrified Sport represents the projection of the brand’s engineers’ ideas for a future Halo battery-powered sports car. Its sweeping lines establish a new Lexus Bev identity, inspired by the speed and fluidity of aerobatics with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h expected in approximately two seconds. Furthermore, to reproduce the driving pleasure of a thermal car on a Bev, the Japanese engineers have studied the introduction of a manual gearbox. This system is software-based, so it can be programmed to mimic the driving experience of different types of vehicles, letting the driver choose the preferred mapping. While, to optimize the dynamic potential of electric propulsion, Lexus is studying Direct4 technology, which instantly balances the drive torque supplied to the front and rear axles.

Lexus Electrified Sport Concept: photos of the sports and electric showcar

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More efficient batteries to improve performance

The goal is to reduce the size and weight of the battery to increase dynamic performance: the next Rz 450e SUV is destined to mount a 71.4 kWh battery, i.e. able to offer a range of 440 km in the cycle of Wltp approval. The next-generation Rx will also feature a bipolar nickel-metal hydride battery, a technology that reduces resistance, offering greater charge and discharge capacity. This increases the output from each cell by 70%, so you can get more power without increasing the battery size. Lexus is also researching the next generation of lithium-ion batteries and the potential of solid-state battery technology. The bipolar nickel-metal hydride battery is available in the RX 350h and RX 500h, Lexus’ first turbocharged performance hybrid.

Lexus: pioneer in the electrification of luxury cars

Lexus pioneered electrification in the luxury car market, introducing the RX 400h electric hybrid SUV in 2005. Since then, it has been pushing the boundaries of technology for ever-improving performance and efficiency, gaining significant experience in development of the main components of electric vehicles (including motors, batteries and power units). At the same time, it popularized hybrids with a growing range of models, which has amassed over 2.3 million global sales. Today, more than 90% of new Lexus vehicles sold in Europe are hybrids. The company is using this experience to ensure that its new generation of electrified models offer the highest levels of quality, performance and safety.

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To help realize its ambitions, the marque is developing a new global headquarters in Shimoyama (Japan), an agile, car-centric complex that will house all of its development disciplines, with designers and engineers working side-by-side.

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