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Li Auto Announces New Personnel Appointment Shen Yanan Will Resign Ma Donghui Will Be Appointed Executive Director

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Li Auto Announces New Personnel Appointment Shen Yanan Will Resign Ma Donghui Will Be Appointed Executive Director

Source: Caijing.comAuthor: Yan Qi2022-12-09 16:54

Caijing Auto News On December 9th, Li Auto announced the appointment of personnel: Chief Engineer Ma Donghui will succeed Shen Yanan as the president of Li Auto and join the board of directors, responsible for the R&D and supply groups as a whole. Senior Vice President Xie Yan will serve as the CTO of Li Auto, fully responsible for the system and computing group. Shen Yanan, executive director and president, resigned from the board of directors and joined the Li Auto Process Reform Committee. The supply team managed by Shen Yanan (including supply chain, manufacturing, and quality) will be managed by President Ma Donghui, and the commercial team (including sales, service, and charging network) will be directly managed by CEO Li Xiang. The above appointments will take effect from January 1, 2023.

Mr. Li Xiang, the founder, chairman and CEO of Li Auto, said: “In the past 7 years, the product and technology research and development group in charge of Ma Donghui has led the successful development and delivery of Li ONE from 0 to 1, and from 1- Successful R&D and delivery of products such as Ideal L9, L8, and L7 in the 10th stage. In order to support the comprehensive advantages of product performance, quality, and cost, Ma Donghui has also led the team to successfully complete the range-extended electric, high-voltage pure electric, and smart products since 2019. The research and development of the four technology platforms of space and intelligent cockpit provide a solid foundation for technology research and development for the new generation of products.

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Shen Yanan, relying on his extraordinary judgment and leadership in the supply chain and business direction, managed a large store team and manufacturing team, maintaining a stable and rapid growth. He led the team to help the company lay the foundation for the ideal ONE explosive product, and created an industry record in the supply and sales capacity of the ideal L9, a flagship model with a sales price of 459,800 yuan in the first month, which helped the company to achieve a full-scale growth this year. Annual revenue of more than 40 billion yuan has been realized, and the company has completed the miracle of starting a business from 0 to 1 with great difficulty. With Shen Yanan joining the process change committee, we will also open a new chapter from 1 to 10, continue to focus on the brand mission of ‘creating a mobile home, creating a happy home’, and launch new challenges for the company’s 100 billion revenue scale next year . “

As the co-founder and chief engineer of Li Auto, Ma Donghui was previously in charge of the product development group of Li Auto. The entire team has nearly 4,000 people, covering styling design, vehicle electric, smart space, smart driving, computing power architecture, research and development Operation and other business modules.

Ma Donghui has more than 20 years of experience in automobile research and development. He is responsible for the research and development of key core technologies such as “three electrics”, intelligent space and intelligent driving, modeling design, engineering, and trial production in Li Auto. He has led the successful development of new energy smart cars from 0 to 1. Ideal ONE, and presided over all the range-extending and pure electric models under development. After taking office as president, Ma Donghui will be responsible for product development-purchasing and supply-manufacturing-quality and safety, and open up the entire link from product design to production delivery.

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Before joining Li Auto, Ma Donghui served as the dean of the research institute at Sany Heavy Industry Body Co., Ltd. from June 2011 to September 2015. Mr. Ma Donghui received a bachelor’s degree in power engineering from Wuhan University of Technology in 1999 and a master’s degree in mechanical manufacturing and automation from Shanghai University in 2003.

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