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Li Shufu officially enters the field of mobile phones

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On September 28, Hubei Xingji Times Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xingji Times”), founded by Li Shufu, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone and officially announced its entry into the mobile phone field.According to media reports, U.S. electric car manufacturersTeslaSimilar development plans are also under consideration, but have not yet been officially announced.

According to reports, the headquarters of the cooperation project is located in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, positioning high-end smart phones, and will integrate global technology and resources to serve the global market.

With the rapid development of mobile communication technology and the upgrading of personalized consumer demand, users have become dependent on the demand for smart phones, and the development prospects of more high-end and smart phones are still promising. Cars and mobile phones are both terminals and entrances to consumers’ smart life. Focusing on user consumption experience, it will be able to better realize the functions of human-computer interaction and vehicle-to-everything.

Li Shufu said: “Mobile phones are fast iterative portable mobile terminals, and are the application carriers for electronic product market verification and software innovation. It not only allows users to share innovation results as soon as possible, but also transfers a part of the safe and reliable results to automotive applications. The close interaction between car machines and mobile phone software technology. In the future, it has become a major trend to create a user ecological chain across borders and build corporate moats in accordance with the law.JohnsonThe state circle provides users with a more convenient, smarter, and interconnected multi-screen interactive life experience for users. “

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Some points of view point out that Li Shufu’s mobile phone business positioning high-end smartphones will give full play to the long-term accumulated experience of Geely and Volvo ecosystems in the fields of design, R&D, high-end smart manufacturing, industrial chain management, and the space-time Daoyu low-orbit satellite under construction. The advantages of global layout such as the Internet, and at the same time empower each other in terms of automobile intelligence, software capacity building, and technological transformation to achieve super collaboration.

In recent years, Geely Holding Group has increased its investment in forward-looking technology and accelerated its transformation into an innovative technology enterprise. The deployment of mobile phones, satellites, flying cars and other fields are important boosters for Geely’s transformation.

On September 27, the first star of Geely’s first commercial satellite factory in the country was launched. Geely’s commercial aerospace business has covered the entire industrial chain of satellite design, R&D, manufacturing, and operation and maintenance services. Build technological advantages such as integrated travel ecology.

(Source: Economic Reference Network)

Article source: Economic Reference Network

Original title: Li Shufu officially enters the mobile phone field

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