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Liberty Completes Migration to 85% of Mobile Customers: Optimizing Systems for Improved Service

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Liberty Completes Migration to 85% of Mobile Customers: Optimizing Systems for Improved Service

Telecommunications Company Liberty Migrates 85% of Customers to Mobile, Continues Optimization Process

The telecommunications company Liberty announced today, Tuesday, that the company has successfully migrated more than 85% of its customers to mobile while the technical team continues to optimize the systems. The migration process is scheduled to end between March and April.

Senior vice president and general manager of Liberty, Eduardo Díaz-Corona, expressed in written statements that a group of experts has been working tirelessly to resolve technical problems and implement solutions. He also mentioned that the migration process has been significantly improved, with the team working on optimizing billing and other services such as improved roaming coverage in over 200 countries.

Díaz-Corona thanked customers for their loyalty and cooperation, acknowledging the issues some customers have faced during the migration process. He assured customers that the temporary process will bring permanent advantages in the near future, allowing Liberty to offer better services tailored to customers’ needs.

While most customers are upgrading without any difficulty, some may experience temporary service interruptions. Liberty urged customers to be on the lookout for specific information provided through emails and texts regarding the upgrade process.

The company also noted that once the migration is complete, customers will experience simpler billing processes, improved account management, and continuous access to sales and customer service channels. Díaz-Corona emphasized that customer convenience and satisfaction are top priorities for Liberty.

Regarding the Puerto Rico Telecommunications Bureau’s investigation into the migration process, Liberty’s senior vice president stated that the company has been cooperating fully with the organization since the investigation began in November. The company will have executives present during the upcoming hearing to provide all required information.

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In addition, Liberty offered customers tips for a successful upgrade, including ensuring their devices have the latest operating systems and contacting customer service if any issues arise.

In related news, the Telecommunications Bureau confirmed that a mobile telephone breakdown reported in the United States also affected Puerto Rico. Liberty continues to work on improving services and resolving any issues faced by customers during the migration process.

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